A 36-year-old taxi driver in Dubai, Khalid Khan has been working hard in the emirate to support his family back home in Pakistan.

When he first came here, he was all of 20 years old, and has been working as a taxi driver in Dubai for years. Back home, he supports his three children, wife, parents and siblings.

He’s seen many ups and downs over all these years of lonely struggle, but one thing that he never compromised on is his honesty.

When one of his passengers recently forgot Dh180,000 in his cab, the honest driver ensured the money was returned to its rightful owner with a few hours.

“Honesty is above everything for me. I could not even imagine keeping that money which did not belong to me,” Khalid told Khaleej Times.

On January 21, Khalid picked up a passenger in Deira and dropped him at the gold souk. The two had conversations during the trip in Hindi.

After nearly half an hour of drive, Khalid’s eyes fell on a shopping bag in his car. Khalid says even as the man spoke in Hindi, he owned a Tanzanian passport.

“I opened the bag and saw a wallet which had Dh 180,000 in it. He had also left his passport in it.”

Without thinking twice, Khalid rushed to his company’s customer care who directed him to report to police.

“I went to the Naif Police Station and gave them the money. They coordinated with RTA for the issue. Within three hours, the man had his money back.”

Khalid remembers the passenger’s emotional reaction on getting back his money.

“He was in tears and could not thank me enough. He had not imagined that I would return the money.”

Khalid says there have been several occasions when he found wallets and other items in his taxi left by the passengers. “But I always return them.”

Khalid was recently honoured by the Pakistan Association Dubai for his honesty. Speaking to Khaleej Times, Dr Faisal Ikram, Secretary-General of Pakistan Association Dubai, said that Khalid was honoured for his honesty.

“We give such honours regularly to encourage people. It also reflects the good image of the community.” He added that besides certificate, a cash prize is also given…. see more

source: khaleejtimes