According to a study by the Norwegian Data Protection Authority, two-fifths of the Norwegian public would be happy with their government saving DNA profiles of newborns, to allegedly assist in future police investigations.

The survey involved over 1,500 Norwegians and showed that 21 percent agreed strongly with the measure, 22 percent agreed to a certain extent, while 44 percent were against the idea. According to Bjørn Erik Thon, director of the authority, he was amazed to see how many actually supported the idea.

“From a privacy standpoint, this is a bad number,” he said. “It would be a violation of the newborn’s privacy that they could be treated as a potential criminal from birth.”

Thon added that he was also concerned police could then determine genes or gene-sets that predispose people towards criminality, which, in a manner similar to the science fiction movie “Minority Report,” would allow them to identify potential thieves and murderers while they are still in their diapers…. see more

source: digitaljournal