The rise and development of technology during the last half century has produced all manner of game-changing products and possibilities. From the microwave to the computer and the coffee maker to the high-definition television, it isn’t difficult to argue that more pronounced and societally beneficial product innovations were produced by the last 50 years than were produced by the prior two millenniums.

Today, the bar continues to be raised, and “smart” products—that is, those which allow individuals to automate or remotely control a plethora of devices while enjoying entertainment and convenience options—are all the rage. To be sure, smart technology is taking over. Nearly one-sixth of Americans own a smart speaker, and there’s no telling how much this number will grow in the coming years. Smartphones are becoming increasingly “smart,” and two-thirds of Americans own one of the mobile devices.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons why smart technology is taking over!

Because It Provides Additional Convenience

Additional convenience is one of the greatest contributors to the rise of smart devices. Smart TVs, for instance, allow owners to watch television, order on-demand movies and shows, access countless media-streaming platforms, download and use applications, and access the internet. Thousands of channels, mountains of discs, and millions of books, amongst other things, are accessible through smart TVs, with a simple click of the remote.

Smart speakers provide remote, voice-controlled access to music, weather reports, news, sports updates, games, and much, much else. Users don’t have to leave the couch or the bed!

Because It Streamlines Tech

Speaking of the convenience afforded by smart speakers, they—and smart technology generally—are taking over because they allow users to streamline every part of their day.

Smart thermostats, which can be controlled via speakers, accessed remotely (while away from home), and scheduled, reduce energy consumption, increase comfort, and optimize efficiency. Smart lights can be turned on and off via voice, put on a timer, and more. The new wireless security camera provides owners with substantial peace of mind, as they can monitor their home from their smartphone, other mobile device, or computer.

And when the cumulative result of all these perks is considered—of being able to control lights and thermostats and televisions and security cameras for less money than traditional models cost to use—it shouldn’t be difficult to see why smart devices are taking over.

Because It Saves Time and Money

Last but most certainly not least, smart technology is taking over because it saves users time and money. The tech would probably still be popular if it cost an arm and a leg, but it can be stated with certainty that it wouldn’t be as popular.

Thankfully, smart tech isn’t just affordable—it can save users time and money. Time because these individuals won’t need to waste precious hours considering and adapting to frustrations of the past, and money because the energy usage of smart devices is minimal, and the accidents and difficulties they prevent and solve (robberies and heating and cooling wear, for instance) are considerably valuable.

The most exciting part of smart technology is that it’s still being refined and improved. There’s no telling what the coming months and years will bring, but if the current products and the past half century are any indication at all, the future will be even neater—and convenient—than the present.

Thanks for reading, and here’s to smart technology!

by: Donna Jo