In most people’s eyes lemon is an afterthought as it is often used as a garnish to dishes but did you know that lemon in itself (from the rind all the way to the juices) is a nutrition powerhouse rich in potassium, vitamin C and other nutrients that help build our immune system, fight diseases and clean our gut.

Combine this with water and you’ll have a potent one-two punch that can knock out free radicals and stimulate our liver, kidney and intestines to flush out waste.

The biggest benefit when taken first thing in the morning is it helps our body by stimulating it to produce bile which helps our bowel to move and flush out toxins that otherwise would go into our bloodstream.

That’s not the only benefit, it has 28 other more benefits and you can read them all in this article by Juicing with G. Here’s a short blurb.


A glass of lemon water to start your day could keep the doctor away…

Why do I say that? Because according to Hippocrates “All disease begin in the gut” and modern research has been conclusive that an unhealthy gut leads to a myriad of diseases like diabetes and obesity.

Drinking this in the morning helps your gut by stimulating the production of hydrochloric acid, a critical ingredient needed by our stomach to digest and expel waste because it is rich in vitamin C.

And guess what? There are 28 more benefits that I want to share with you.

Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water in the Morning

As recently as a few years ago, I would start my day by drinking a cup of coffee to “wake myself up”. It was a habit that lasted around 7 years until I replaced coffee with juice this year. I did not know that too much caffeine can lead to an early death so I had to cut it off my regular diet.

I heard about the benefits of drinking lemon water in the morning through my wife’s friend who was also into juicing, she told us about how good it is for our digestive system so I decided to research on this and found out it had even more benefits so I thought it was proper to share this with you.

I have to admit, I still drink coffee but only on occasion when I’m with friends but it is nowhere near the amount I was drinking before which was about two large cups a day. Anyway back to the topic…


Why Drink Lemon Water?


A lot of experts that includes doctors and nutritionists encourage people to drink lemon juice or use it as a sweetener in their green juices because it is rich in vitamin C that is known to neutralize free-radicals in our body.

It has an alkalizing effect which helps greatly in balancing our body’s pH levels (more on that below). In fact it was called an “Alkalizing Superstar” by experts because of this.

Overall, this little yellow fruit packs a lot of nutritional punch. It is rich in antioxidants that will neutralize free radicals from oxidizing cells and it stimulates our digestive system to flush out toxins from the body.


This simple addition to your morning routine can help improve your resistance to diseases and improve your digestive health – a place where many diseases start. Don’t forget though to drink enough water throughout the day to keep you hydrated…. see more




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