The world is heading towards exhaustion of the finite resources; according to a global UN survey, all of the opinions were Consistent on how to overcome this problem, they all agreed on adopting the achieving sustainable development goal. The challenge is to provide resources that meet the present needs without affecting the availability of resources in the future. (Brundtland, 1987, p. 8).

Managers have found that green IT is the most valuable technology to adopt; we will need IT to run a sustainable development that leads to more efficient equipment. More businesses are having the responsibility to create friendlier practices towards the environment, and there will be more customers waiting for green and environment friendly products. By customers pressure; the company is able to achieve cost saving through tight and low budgets that Coincides the reform of the company.

Integrated system is a financial management information system (IFMIS), these systems specialize in information system communications technology in operations that searches, summarizes financial information to the most basic understandable form. It has many features such as controlling over data entry and transaction and reporting process, data classification of financial information and events; providing accurate, on time information for management to make decisions.

Analyzing the benefits of integrated systems is divided to qualitative and quantitative outcomes:
– Qualitative outcomes: business process can dramatically differ towards achieving improved efficiency, only when information in the organization is integrated. Integrated systems can help in the efficiency of communication with other organizations in the market since the information is highly accessible and clarified to both parties.
– Quantitative Outcomes: Steps in work process can be shorted through cutting out many unnecessary steps that waste time; the organization can take advantage of the time available to increase productivity which the most important goal of all.

Cloud computing refers to applications and services that rub through distributed network using virtualized resources and accessed through internet protocols, the special thing about cloud computing is that the resources are virtual and limitless.

365 Office is specially designed Microsoft software that provides web conferencing, documents, calendars, Active Directory Integration, advanced email archiving, 24×7 IT admin support and full enterprise voice capabilities on premises with e-mail access through any devices for the benefit of any kind of businesses or enterprises for a nominal charge per month of 6%.

– Most of the drivers to benefit from green it initiative are intuitive and indirect, although the benefit of saving resources can be important in if the company is working on a cost reducing plan. Competency can also be a direct benefit if the company needs to expand and compete other businesses; managers should highly consider adopting the green IT solution to keep their businesses expansion.

– awareness of the customer and the company: Consumers are becoming more mindful on choosing the characteristics of the companies to buy from or work with, environment friendly companies have a big share of consumers attention and interest over other companies.
These companies should be aware of providing consumers with a clear convincing story to tell consumers about their experience of adopting the green IT solutions. Company would be aware of energy-related issues such as carbon consumptions and carbon credits; the result is increased awareness about power consumption that can lead to control their overall consumption.
– Reputation: with consumers satisfaction about the green IT solution, and environmental friendly policies can build a strong reputation in the market and within their partners within specific vertical industries. Green IT encourages business efficiency through the increased equipment efficiency and the reduction of waste.

– The benefits may be limited; sometimes it doesn’t lead to a significant difference in saving from the regular technologies. Actually what can make a more important difference, is the period of time that the device is switched on.
Also, the size of the company is a key influence in the number of devices implemented; the larger the company is the more devices they may need; the more usage of devices can lead to a waste of efforts and resources that were already invested in greening the company. SME owners may be less interested in implementing these advanced technologies that the medium sized and large companies due to the relatively low rate of return compared to them, they would be unconvinced on how these technologies can benefit their business on the short or long run. They also may think that it is complicated and expensive to install sophisticated remote systems to their humble businesses.

– low educational levels on devices management: creators and vendors of embedded devices can have difficulty in explaining how these new machines work since they are usually complicated; it needs relatively high level of education on the device and its abilities. They also have to consider doing extra effort to explain what the effect of the device is and how much it can improve the company’s greening initiative. Another problem arises when there is low understanding of the device capabilities; since that 50% of the PC lifetime involves in how the employee uses his PC, or how the company can maintain their electronic equipment, whether installing latest updates on regular basis, or making a routine check-up to repair devices if there was a technical error, and backing up the used data regularly. IT companies find it very important to reduce these costs to improve their efficiency in greening initiative. The real challenge in green IT implementation is to go beyond the hype and create a realistic (more values equals more customers).

Green Sony: Sony has been one of the greenest companies since the adoption of the initiative.
– Sony has innovated a plan of protecting products with the minimum amount by the adoption of a three-piece carton for the BRAVIA® LCD television that makes installation process easier.
– Sony headquarters in San Diego is running on a 100% renewable energy resources.
– Sony has stated a commitment of collecting 1 pound of electronics for each pound produced.

It is important to notify that implementing such technologies in almost every aspect of the company and in every step of the process from producing to distributing to after sale services must be an important factor of draining resources.
The green strategy helped Sony in creating innovative environment friendly products that meets consumer’s expectations and gained worldwide respect for their tremendous efforts.

Sustainability is no longer an option, sustainability is imperative, No matter what your business, sustainability is your business, the company IBM says, the International Business Machines Corporation that develops and manufactures information technology products and services worldwide who is also one of the greenest companies in the world in 2010 according to Newsweek.

– reduced operating costs by reducing the amount of energy used by data centers and point of sale (POS) terminals, and lowering carbon emissions.

– reduce waste, increase flexibility and limit the control of product delivery and demand-response time, all by optimizing the supply chain.
– Moving to green infrastructure, which provides an opportunity to re-evaluate operations to improve efficiency and to help in determining surplus expenses.

IBM has won high ranking as the greenest organization between all the international companies that adopted the green strategy for their efforts in adoption of hundreds of environment friendly policies through every aspect of their business, to that IBM has the most recognizable reputation in the world in retail business, banking, energy, education, healthcare and commerce industries.


By Sara Ali

Sara Ali is a freelance journalist, writer and researcher based in Bahrain