With a view of giving the user more personal responses search engine giant Google is adding in Gmail users messages in hopes past correspondences will bring about more relevant search results for the user.

According to CBC, Information Week and PC Worldthe new feature will bring relevant Gmail results upon a normal Google search to the right hand side of the main results. Although if an email match is highly relevant to the search the top of the search page will show an answer available in an archived email.

Said reports indicate that while Good is still commanding the lead with regards to internet search it is seemingly worried about the competition threat it faces with social media networking sites like Facebook. Google is seemingly attempting to rival the relative ease in which sites like Facebook allow users to share information on line. By intertwining Gmail results with main search results it seems that Google is trying to build up a more personal user experience.

The idea is also in a way similar to the current system of including ones Google+ information along with search engine results.

With enough personal information about a users tendencies and interests it is believed that Google is hoping to answer users questions with great precision and accuracy. A form of artificial intelligence if you will. Amit Singhal the senior vice president of the company said “the destiny of search is to become that perfect Star Trek computer.”