“After all, how much should we be bragging about a system where it takes $20 million to be elected to the Senate; or where our Congress has become a forum for legalized bribery;”

It was a system or there was no system, then every system varied from the other one in discipline of capacities and shortcomes, which could be increased or decreased respectively. Any particular system especially political or economical failed either due to the very failure of its runner, who wasn’t altruistic, capable, and responsible enough, or it failed when other systems rused against it. Religion, politics, and nationality had superlative capacities to sway human beings and history had witnessed the said entities disrupting world peace, stability, and development, thus people had been devoured by coldblooded melees of democracy, communism, Shariah, dictatorship, monarchy etc against each other. Right after WWII, conflict between democracy and communism engulfed harmony and world progress. Russia attacked Afghanistan and Afghan so-called Mujahedeen, who were supported by USA, UK, Israel, KSA, Pakistan, Iran etc, fought against Russia and later the very defeat dissolved Russia. The very support and promotion of so-called Jihad otherwise a kind of geopolitics, later fashioned into Godzilla of terrorism and destabilisation that knew nothing but to swallow everything that it saw. And meanwhile, when Russia was busy in Afghanistan in 1980s, America, through programme Hammer, rubbled Russian economy. Moreover, as democracy and communism were fighting in Afghanistan in 1980s, Iran and Iraq were fighting against each other and were supported by Israel and USA respectively. Then after 9/11 attacks, Afghanistan and Iraq were invaded through war against terrorism. Then Lybia, Egypt etc, which were progressive countries, were ruined by Arab Spring, which also forced Arab businessmen to be moving their capital to West especially USA and UK.

Lately, Syrian so-called Jihadists fought against Asad regime to overthrow it. At the time when Syrian army was fighting to restore peace, international media reported that Syrian army used CW against terrorists. And as the report was reported, president Obama, in a divine trance, stated that

“We have concluded that the Syrian government in fact carried these out.  And if that’s so, then there need to be international consequences” .

Later, a well-known British newspaper, “The Daily Mail”, reported on 29 January 2013 that U.S Britain along with Qataris weaved a plot to launch chemical weapon attack against rebels and then the Syrian government would be accused for it. Moreover, Russian diplomatic sources debunked KSA involvement in the CW attack, which was carried out with the help of Syrian terrorists. KSA and other Gulf States whereas were directly involved in destabilising Middle East, they also funded terrorist in Pakistan as well [3]. KSA whereas wanted the US to thrash Iran, it also wanted the US to bomb Syria, the Shia majority country. But Russian involvement in Syrian crisis refrained USA and its allies to attack Syria.

Now as Russia was prized with Afghans war 1980s for its involvement in Vietnam War against the US [4], it was time to return the favour to Russia against its involvement in Syria. As a result, Ukraine crisis were staged where pro-Russia Ukrainian president, Viktor Yanukovych, was ousted and Ukrainians demanded accession to EU. Ukrainian riots otherwise cold war between democracy and communism involved geopolitics where anti-Russia and Russia dueled in cowboy styles.  Many Ukrainian believed that getting accessioned with EU will change their destiny from bleak to colourful. If accession to EU was fate changer, then Romania and Bulgaria would have become super Europe. Even if Ukraine becomes an EU state, then its citizens will suffer the very racism, which was endured by Romanian and Bulgarians in Western European countries i.e. France, Germany, Spain, UK etc. In addition, Ukrainians believed that democracy and capitalism will serve then better than communism.

“During communism, education was free and as somebody finished school      or college he was offered job. And as somebody got married, govt gave    a house to married couple. Now it is democracy and education is too     costly, unemployment ratio is getting higher and higher day by day, and building of a house had become a dream only.

No system ever engold anything until people had handsome amount of awareness and required capabilities. Furthermore, priorities defined goal and goal depended upon one’s personal vision and desires. Now if it was to be believed that communism was an evil and evil was communist, then what about Britain where, according to UN repots, disparity between rich and poor was worse than Nigeria and Ethiopia, thus, families in Britain had demanded food and clothes banks. In addition, from 1992 till 2007, USA too suffered from income disparity between rich and poor. Income of top 400 had increased 392% and their tax average rate reduced by 37% .  Furthermore, top 1% earned 11.6% of income and capital gains whereas income of rest of the 99% grown only 0.2%. Moreover, cut in state budget resulted into unbearable burden over US students. Above all, poverty, unemployment, and homelessness astronomically increased in USA, UK etc, the centers of democracy and capitalism. Apart from USA and UK, other countries e.g. Romania, Bulgaria, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka etc suffered from enormous poverty, disparity between rich and poor, hunger, homelessness etc where middle class swiftly was turning into poor class.

Now if communism was bad then capitalism was bad too because both communist and capitalist suffered from poverty, crimes, hunger, homelessness etc, therefore, a hybrid of both system is required that would darn human lacerations and would transform dysphonia into euphoria. And if the very hybrid isn’t provided then how many deaths, how much wreckage, and how much poverty is required to end the WWII, which apparently ended up in 1945 but still is devouring human beings through various pretexts? People didn’t need democracy, communism, Shariah, dictatorship, monarchy etc since people needed damn prosperity, safety, and development etc. Now provide them that they wanted, otherwise stop using human beings as fuel for geopolitics.

By:  Shahid Mehmood Khan


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