The longest journey must have a beginning,  and an end,  and that
where we may be tomorrow depends wholly on the road we are taking

There are no shortcuts to success.   We can reach our destination by
passing through detours and deviations.

Wear a smile on your face,  and take on the challenges in life without qualms.

Those who bring sunshine to others cannot keep it to themselves.

Glory and greatness lie not in being strong,  but in how you use your
strength.   Such observation could well be construed to mean that fame
honor and glory can be achieved only through guts,  daring and

Do what you can, bring what you are;
Shine like a glow – worm, if you cannot be a star;
Work like a pulley,  if you cannot be a crane;
Be a wheel greaser,  if you cannot  drive a train.

Hope springs eternal in unswerving hearts.

Living does not only mean existing and enjoying the soundness of mind and body.
Rather living connotes cultivating our ability,  reaching the right
decision,  then acting on it,  not solely for our own benefit but for
the uplifts and amelioration of our others.

Hope springs eternal in the hearts of those who continue to live.

To reach port with its cargo is the only purpose for which a ship is
built.   Unless it is capable of attaining this end,  a ship is

No one,  therefore,  would build a ship or send it out to sea without  a rudder.

“We each carry a precious cargo –  our aspiration for glory – and
unless that cargo reaches its destination safely the building of the
ship,  which is our body,  and the voyage we make,  will both have
been in vain.”

“Ideals are like stars   You will not succeed in touching them with
your hands,  but like the seafaring man on the desert of waters,  you
choose them as your guides,  and following them you reach your

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

Adversity introduces man to himself.

The storm of adversity,  like those in the oceans,  rouse the
faculties,  and excite the imagination of the voyage.

You may hide your troubles and pains behind your laughter  but true
friends will see it through the eyes of love.  Celebrate friendship.

Another lovely day!  Another chance to do the best we can!

Do not make life too stressful.   Always find time and reason to laugh
and smile.   It may not add years to our lives,  but it will surely
add life to our years.

Many times we do not have all the answers to why things happen.
Nonetheless,  we must continue to walk by faith, instead of looking
for explanations.

Trust and be glad that you have walked with courage

Unless we have learned to conquer ourselves,  our environment,  our
attitudes and traits,  we cannot win life itself!

“Behind the clouds is the sun still shining.”

Man sees more fully his life and all that touches it during his
moments of crisis.

Views and visions shape one’s fate,  determine success or failure.



By:  Margie Gellor Villanueva