Several gatherings have taken place in religious schools (Madrasas) in Pakistan to discuss ways in disrupting the upcoming Afghan elections.

Afghan interior minister told the National Security Council (NSC) meeting that large gatherings were organized by a number of religious schools (Madrasas) in Pakistan, and the gathering participants have vowed to use all possible ways and facilities in disrupting the Afghan elections.

This comes as the Taliban militants group announced earlier this month to use all force to disrupt the upcoming elections and warned the Afghan people not to participate in the elections.

Taliban warned to target all election workers, activists, callers, security apparatus and offices across the country and urged the people not get close to public buildings such as mosques and schools for the polls, suggesting these locations could be targets of attack.

The presidential and provincial council elections are scheduled to be organized on April, which would mark Afghanistan’s first democratic transition of power.

Taliban’s pledge to disrupt Afghan elections next month appears to be holding strong after the group carried out a number of deadly attacks in eastern Jalalabad and northern Faryab province last week.

At least 10 police officers were killed and several others were injured following the attack on a police compound in Jalalabad city, while at least 18 people, mostly civilians were killed and nearly 48 others were injured following a suicide attack in Faryab province.