ATTACKS against foreigners continue in the South African port city of Durban as the Ethiopian community prepare to repatriate the bodies of three of its nationals killed over the last two weeks.

Ephraim Meskele, a leader of the Ethiopian community in Durban, said it was holding a prayer service for the three victims, including a man killed when his shop was petrol-bombed on Friday.
The Malawian government has also said it would help repatriate its citizens from South Africa following the outbreak of violence.

About 50 people have been arrested over the violence, in which at least four people have been killed. The police have not confirmed the nationalities of the victims.

The attacks on immigrant-owned shops and homes in Durban’s impoverished townships come three months after a similar spate of attacks on foreign-owned shops in Soweto, near Johannesburg.

Tensions were still running high on Tuesday, with local media reporting that about 2,000 armed migrants were engaged in a tense stand-off with police in the city centre, and looting continuing in townships on the outskirts of the city… see more