The desire to live in complete synchronization and harmony with nature and having a life which is healthy, free from any health hazards in a modern day world is not only a challenge but close to impossible. Every individual tries to achieve the perfect balance and wishes to maintain a healthier lifestyle, not only to prolong their age of living, but also have a life which is satisfactory and free from any hassles. However, as perfect as it may sound, actually living like this in the 21st century is extremely difficult, due to where we stand in terms of the age of this planet and some of our very own inventions.

The desire to live healthy is compromised through many ways today, like technology which can be surprising, but yes, it does play a part in creating different sorts of health hazards, more natural concepts like rising pollution levels directly contributing to the hazards of health and body. Today, we will in great detail talk about four ways or challenges which greatly impact the aim to maintain a consistent, balanced and a healthier lifestyle in the modern world.

Technology and innovations

Where at one point, technology may have provided us with so many different conveniences and life-saving breakthroughs; it also has contributed a lot to creating health hazards. From basic ones like technological implications on eyes for example eyes deterring due to excess computer usage to more advanced ones like having completely stopped our physical activity contributing to the overall obesity levels of this population. Technology and innovations despite its more than enough benefits have started to play a significant role in bringing up the challenge to live a healthier more peaceful life from all sorts of different perspectives.

Rising levels of illnesses

As the science fight to find cures for cancer and AIDS, more serious illnesses due to evolving bacteria have resulted in further challenging the existence of humans on earth. The rising Ebola in Africa has become a serious threat to that country’s existence and similarly bird flu and SARS like strains are creating more complicated situations in the science field, making it extremely painful for people to stay healthy and strong.

Complicated lifestyle

With the growing competition and demands both in the educational sector and working life, individuals are forced to develop a very complicated lifestyle. Where the sense of vacations, break, keeping yourself fresh is completely wiped out with the race of being the best and the most successful person. The never-ending quest to earn money and growing materialism in our society has forced us to avoid so many things that are beneficial to our health.

Self-adopted hazards

Individuals due to high exposure in the media and entertainment have resorted to adopting hazards that directly impact the health and wellness of the body like drinking, drugs and other forms of fabricated sense of getting high. Such things not only makes one seriously challenge their bodies and health, but also slowly impacts the brain and ability to think in a normal way.



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