Formula One drivers have threatened to boycott this weekend’s German Grand Prix in the wake of the sport’s recent tyre troubles.

The shock message emerged after a meeting of the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association and is in response to the British Grand Prix, where a number of blow-outs overshadowed the race.

Its statement read: ‘We are ready to drive our cars to the limit as expected.

‘However, the drivers have decided if similar problems should manifest themselves during the German GP, we shall immediately withdraw from the event.’

Follow last weekend’s tyre fiasco at Silverstone, the FIA granted Pirelli permission to carry out previously banned mid-season tests using current cars, in a bid to help the tyre manufacturer get to the bottom of the problem.

However, several drivers including Lewis Hamilton – who was affected by the blow-out issues last week – voiced their concerns over safety heading into this weekend’s race at the Nurburgring, leading to more questions marks over the German Grand Prix.

source:  Metro UK