What do you do if you have too much time on your hands, are in possession of a weather balloon, and a donut? Launch the donut into space of course!

Alexander and Benjamin Jönsson launched their confectionary cargo from Askim in Norway last week, sending it up 32km above the surface of the earth, right to the edge of space, filming every moment with an onboard camera.

“We like to do odd things and this felt very different,” Alexander Jönsson told Swedish public radio P4 Väst. “It was really fun to watch the video for the first time. We could see the donut hovering above the earth”

The two brothers, who come from Lysekil in Sweden, close to the Norwegian border, launched their craft from Askim, Norway, as it was much cheaper to get the necessary flying permits.

“In Sweden it would have cost 11,000 Swedish kroner ($1,245), but it was free in Norway”, Benjamin Jönsson told the local Bohuslänningen newspaper.

A few hours after the launch, the vessel crash-landed in Lake Vättern, Sweden, where the Swedish Sea Rescue Society volunteers salvaged the wreckage of the air balloon and the soggy remains of the donut. .. see more

source: thelocal