Security forces are engaged in a gun battle at the Airport Security Force (ASF) camp number 2, which is located at the ASF academy in Bitai Abad, Pehlwan Goth in Karachi.

Heavy firing was reported at the ASF camp in the metropolis on Tuesday after four unidentified men entered the premises.

DawnNews reported that sounds of explosions were also heard, causing panic among citizens in the vicinity.

The camp is situated near the Jinnah International Airport which the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) had cleared on Monday after a long battle between security forces and terrorists left 28 dead.

A Twitter account allegedly operated by Omar Khorasani of the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) Mohmand faction tweeted on Tuesday that the group has carried out this second attack.

omar khorasani @omarkhorasani1
کراچی اے ایس ایف اکیڈمی میں ہم پھر آگئے،نعرہ تکبیر ،اللہ اکبر اللہ اکبر اللہ

The Twitter account of the CAA, @AirportPakistan also tweeted that EK 606 from Dubai which was expected to arrive at Karachi airport at 12:50pm is now returning to Dubai.