Feminism is the belief that women should have economic political and social equality with men. This term also refers to a political movement that works to gain equality within a male and female relationship. In a male and female relationship both the roles of the male and female should be equal. Equal in many ways ten one: they should trust each other, share responsibilities, listen to one another, respect each other, and of course love one another equally.

Nevertheless, feminism has had an enormous impact through all western civilization. This impact on the society is what this paper is about. Positive or negative are mere opinions that nowadays everybody can have. Democracy without feminism would be a slavery in the form of saying “Behind every great man, there’s a great woman”. We as a society do not need that kind of intellectual thinking anymore.

“We cannot all succeed when half of us are held back.”

Feminism has changed the society only to better. Yes, there are also some bad examples, as in any area of life. Feminism is not a perfect idea, but in the end – which one is? Feminism was an intellectual scream a century ago. Today feminism represents those women who broke those intellectual chains in countries that are still today learning how to use democracy as a tool of an liberal society. So, the genuine feminism is happening where democracy ends and other political system begins. Therefore, who are we to say anything to those women who are still, in some parts of the world, fighting for their rights to vote, drive a car or choose the one they will marry? We as a society that is today living those ideas, ideas incorporated in our habits, must not judge feminism, but embrace this universal idea as a milestone for generations to come.

We talk as if women are not still objectified and treated like perpetual subordinates in some places, as if leadership and other important positions are not still seen as beyond the woman’s reach. We act as if all women are afforded the luxury of simultaneously having a successful career and a loving home, as if all women are identified by their intellect or skill set, and not by their sexuality. Feminism aims to break through not only the institutional

barriers to gender equality, but also the limitations and stereotypes that have long since been etched into our culture, beliefs and society as a whole. When anyone, male or female, denounces feminism, he or she disrespects every person that has ever fought for equality: from Martin Luther King Jr. to Mrs. FunmilayoRansomeKuti. The concept is one of many that fight to preserve the humanity of people, to ensure that each person is allowed the dignity they deserve. Half of the world’s population cannot continue to be tied down by imaginary ropes and super-sized egos. Perfect or flawed, perilous or smooth, the woman’s destiny is hers and her Creator’s to decide.


by: Ammara Siddique