The Abu Dhabi-based Arabic Oud professor and performer is jetting to Japan, for a week, to showcase her musical talents on July 9 and 15.

Tohamy released the first female Oud solo album and was the first female graduate of Bait Al Oud (House of Oud). The Egyptian, who has lived here for eight years, is now a professor at the Abu Dhabi campus of the music school.

She was the first female Arabic Oud player to perform in Malaysia and now is going to Tokyo.  Despite her impressive resume, the high-achiever remains modest about her tour. “I am a little nervous…they may not like me,” she said.  “I am excited to visit Japan because this is the first time for me to see Tokyo and the first time for an Arabic female Oud soloist to visit Japan.”

The tour will include a collaborative performance with Japanese singer Karen Tokita and a Brazilian band as well as a performance for Tohamy’s native Egypt’s embassy in Japan and a solo concert for Japanese students of Oud including a workshop.

Tohamy said: “It’s a different culture and a different audience to Abu Dhabi, but I think Japanese people are really interested in Arabic music and culture, especially the Oud.”

Encouraging everyone to try Oud, Tohamy hopes to inspire other women to have a go. “It’s not just for men, some people think it is; but I hope women will try and see how wonderful it is. We even make smaller-sized Oud for ladies.”

source:  khaleej times