When Malala Yousufzai was shot, entire world went into great unrest where U.S president, U.N secretary Ban Ki-moon, State Secretary Hillary Clinton, Gordon Brown, and etc lamented and condemned Taliban’s assassination attempt of Malala. Hollywood star Angelina Julie nominated Malala for Nobel Prize, pop singer Madonna wore Malala’s name on her back. Whereas, nobody bothered about thousands of other childern who were either dead though U.S invasions in Afghanistan and Iraq or they were unable to get educated because of the U.S led invasions. The attack on Malala on 9 Oct 2012, a girl from Mingora-Swat valley Pakistan, aroused worldwide outrage.

A gunman boarded a bus carrying Malala asked who Malala is and when Malala was pointed out gunman shot her in head. After getting shot in the head by AK-47, the girl was shifted to Peshawar Pakistan then was shifted to Combine Military Hospital Rawalpindi Pakistan, and finally flew to UK and was admitted in Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham UK.

In Swat Valley-Pakistan, TTP (an outlaw terrorist organisation) under the command of Molvi Fazzal Ullah was carrying out various terrorist activities. Now Molvi Fazzal Ullah’s special connections with Afghanistan government (supported by the U.S, NATO forces, and India) and Afghan army were never secret a person, who escaped from Pakistan after being chased by Pakistani law and enforcement agencies, was safeguarded and logistically supported by Afghan government, Afghan army and Afghan intelligence agencies. Thus, with direct help of Afghanistan government and Afghan government’s mothers and fathers group of terrorists, which named itself Talibans of Pakistan otherwise known TTP, carried out hundreds of terrorist attacks in Pakistan.

Now it was not a conspiracy theory that Molvi Fazzal Ullah’s terrorist group was influential in Swat Valley Pakistan and carried out terrorist attacks—Pakistani Army launched a successful operation in Swat Valley. Molvi Fazzal Ullah escaped to Afghanistan where he was safeguarded by Afghanistan government and Army. Molvi Fazzal Ullah, with the help of Afghanistan government and army, kept on spreading terrorism in Pakistan. Malala was hit by terrorist belonged to TTP whose Molvi Fazzal Ullah was in the lap of Afghanistan army Afghanistan army that was controlled by the U.S the U.S that invaded Afghanistan in 2001 while uprooting Taliban’s government and Talibans launched resistance against U.S invasion (many of these Talibans also participated in Afghan Jihad 1980s against Russia on the motivation of the U.S) the U.S needed a stunt through which it could defame Taliban, justify the U.S so-called war on terror, justify invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, and would defame Pakistan the world’s first Muslim atomic power so to build pressure on it.

Now Malala’s story, and its exposure, was largely in the favour of the U.S. Through outlawed terrorist TTP’s connections of Molvi Fazzal Ullah, mothered in Afghanistan by the U.S puppet Afghanistan government and army, Malala was hit to survive. Prior to this attack, Malala’s daily diary used to publish in various media outlet. It is widely believed that Malala’s diary was not entirely written by her. Through broadcasting of Malala’s diary it was established that Talibans (Talibans are in Afghanistan but not in Pakistan) are against education and Malala was fighting against Taliban’s war against education. To add more colours, Malala was hit by a TTP terrorist who had clear directions—injure but do not kill.

Malala was used for two reasons i.e. 1: to defame Talibans that fought against the US led NATO forces in Afghanistan, 2: to defame Pakistan. Malala was hit by AK-47 rifle from a very close distance less than 10 feet near neck but not in head —a person hardly survived if shot by a pistol from this much distance then how Malala survived while being shot by AK-47 in the head? TTP on the other hand, apart from attacking Pakistan’s military installments i.e. Army GHQ, Kamera Airbase, Naval airbase Karachi, Naval HQ in Islamabad, and etc, TTP took almost 70,000 thousands lives of Pakistanis through bomb blasts and etc.

Now come to another point related to freedom and education of Pakistani women according to Pakistani constitution Article 15 everybody had Freedom of movement, through article 19 everybody had freedom of speech, through article 25 every citizen of Pakistan shared equal rights without discrimination of gender or religion, through article 25 A every Pakistan had right of education and government of Pakistan was responsible to provide FREE EDUCATION to every child aging 6 to 16, through article 34 Pakistani women were given rights to participate in every field of life. Quite contrary to it, Malala created an impression against Pakistan that, Pakistani women were living in hell where they were not given their rights i.e. education, freedom of speech, freedom of movement, and are not allowed joining any profession. This was nothing but a satanic propaganda that had no basis since Pakistani women were free to do anything in accordance with Pakistani constitution, law, and in accordance to positive social/cultural norms. Pakistani women are engineers, pilots, lawyers, judges, doctors, professors, deans of universities, law enforcement agency officers, artists, poetesses, actresses, authors and etc—if women in Pakistan had no rights and were deprived from education, then how could hundreds of thousands girls would be studying throughout Pakistan, how there were thousands of female professionals, and how in Pakistan existed large number of working women hostels?

Majority of Pakistan disliked Malala not because of this that she talked against terrorists and extremists whom she called Taliban 1.8 billion Pakistanis condemned and fought against terrorism spreaded by TTP. Majority of Pakistanis disliked Malala since she propagandized against Pakistan and created an evil image of Pakistan regarding education and its ban for women. Pakistanis felt proud and loved Abdul Sitar Edhhi (runs world’s largest free ambulance service, sheltered hundreds of thousands of orphans. widows, and etc) and Arfa Kareem Randhawa (achieved world youngest Microsoft profession in the age of 9).

Furthermore, there is no doubt that the U.S is being controlled by secret super entity, which had its conglomerate objectives and to obtain those objective both media and politicians were bought [1]. In addition, it is widely believed that Iraq invasion was conducted for nothing else but for oil. This was the first war for which permission was bought through media propaganda of WMD, whereas, the U.N did not give permission to launch war against Iraq. Media for its own purposes, many times lied—media was pealed out by former senior counsel at the World Bank Karen Hudes, who was fired after being a whistleblower against corruption in World Bank.

“Mainstream media, when they report about what’s going on, are doing it by telling lies and anything that’s good for the powers that be.”

Media for being a superlative weapon that guaranteed victory, once again was used for Malala so to obtain heinous objectives as mentioned before.

If Malala rightly presented Pakistan where Pakistanis were either forbidden from education or they detested being educated, then a few questions aroused that, why every Pakistani political party talked about education and educational reforms in its manifesto if in Malala’s Pakistan education was a forbidden tree, then why people voted those political parties that promised education and educational reforms? This tangible fact of Pakistani society not only enough to prove Malala as a propagandizer regarding women education in Pakistan, but it also vividly projected that majority of Pakistanis loved education and loved being educated, thus education was one of the basic demands of Pakistanis.

Then Malala is a definite blatant situation exploiter, liar and hypocrite who stated in the UN that, if she had gun with her when she was shot she would not fire on the Talib who shot her. This is entirely against the laws of nature and human psychology where everything reacted against peril. Being blatant liar she further stated that she believed in non-violence theory. In addition, for public sentiment exploitation and emotion blackmailing, she further associated herself with prominent revolutionary historical figures i.e. Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH, Jesus PBUH, Buddha, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Gandhi, Bacha Khan and Mother Teresa.

Malala, an average girl with not a unique brain like Einstein or any other genius, talked like an aged philosopher decorated with decades of experience based on general observations, anthropological, and psychological knowledge. Seasoned philosophical and expert grip over topics by Malala raised doubts that she was preprogrammed and were told, what to talk: otherwise not a single average child had this much grip over various topics. In addition, she happened to be very much clever while choosing topics to speak about topics that helped in reaping more and more appreciation, acceptance, showbiz, and circulation topics that heavily exploited public sentiment topics that had no match when it came to emotional blackmailing. In this discipline of choosing topics, Malala always talked about gender based discrimination, education, and human rights. Anybody, of modern times if talked against education and human rights, faced great criticism from civilized segments of society and if some entity (already notorious) talked against education and human rights, then it multiplied public criticism and hatred for him. At the same time, if someone criticized such entity (already notorious that talked against human rights, education, freedom, and etc), then the civilized segments of society honored such a brave person who stood against powerful evil entity.

Malala knew this secret and she talked against already notorious Taliban (referring Taliban of Afghanistan but not TTP). Thus, criticizing already notorious Talibans, she forgot that she was Pakistani living in Pakistan, whereas Taliban were Afghanis residing in Afghanistan, thus Taliban of Afghanistan had no business in Swat Valley of Pakistan and putting ban over women education in Pakistan. If Malala had used word TTP in lieu of Taliban, then entire Pakistan would have been saluting her. Verily she knew that, if she used word TTP instead of Taliban, then international media will never interview her she will never achieve international awards—she will not be able to address the U.N—she will not be able to meet Obama Angelina Julie will never nominate her for Nobel Prize—Madonna will never wore Malala’s name on her back. This entire practice of choosing topics and entities to be talked about proved that, Malala was programmed to do so and entire screenplay was written carefully by a season dramatist.

In addition, as internal forces obtained various objectives through Malala’s story, Malala and his family also reaped plethora of political, social, and economical incentives that they never dreamt of ever. Malala became world famous, author, celebrity, achieved various internal awards and titles, addressed the U.N and etc. whereas his father who had run a school in Swat became United Nations Special Envoy on Global Education and educational attaché of Pakistan in Pakistan’s consulate in Birmingham, UK. After analyzing incentives of Zia–ud-din Yousufzai, a very strange thought flashed mind that as per widely believed concept, an altruistic or a dedicated social worker never accepted any high-profile governmental job—how about Mother Teresa if she was a paid official of government of India—how about Abdul Sita Edhhi if he was paid servant of government of Pakistan? Though this argument apparently seemed baseless but it certainly has crux in it showing Zia-ud-Din Yousufzai greedy after high-profile incentives. The acceptance of job as a Pakistani attaché of education in Birmingham showed that, he was never a social worker nor he was an altruistic as he was propagandized.

It is dogmatically and widely believed that the basic property of evil was this that, evil was always superlatively powerful evil, while being powerful, owned everything that could influence others evil promised astonishing benefits that allured many and as a result: evil cherished great influence worldwide. Now for the sake of further understanding, convenience, and argument, it is to be believed that Talibans of Afghanistan are an evil. Now as per general concept of evil and its hefty powerfulness, Talibans must have been swaying the world for being an evil Talibans must have been owning prominent media outlets—Talibans must have been running massive corporations, industries, banks, and etc and Talibans must have been accompanied by many from all over the world. But it is not the situation, majority of world is against them, they owned nothing, and they were having nothing. Thus, as per the general concept of evil and its brawny powerfulness, Talibans were not proven an evil. In addition, majority of Muslims as per their understanding of Islam criticized Talibans for defaming Islam through un-Islamic practices. But despite of worldwide criticism on Talibans, there is no doubt that in modern world—every human being had his rights e.g. freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to live, freedom to move, freedom to get educated, and freedom to defend oneself.

Malala in the U.S did not use word TTP—she used word Talib directly steering the world towards Talibans of Afghanistan that knew nothing about outlaw TTP. But while using word Talib directly referring Talibans of Afghanistan, Malala assured the world that Talibans were terrorists and to add more colours in it Malala in her UN speech used words “terrorist” and “extremist” for Taliban so to prove them terrorists. Since the world listened Malala, therefore through this calculated exercise of Malala, the U.S got incentives i.e. it through Malala was proved that Talibans were terrorists and evil entity chased by the U.S. On the other hand, Talibans, in Afghanistan, fought against US under self-defense right. In addition, by calling Taliban “terrorist” Malala legalized invasion of Afghanistan by the U.S under War on Terror pretext and under the concept of American Exceptionalism.

Ok, Malala is a Hero, who stood against evil TTP (whereas she talked against Talibans) and fought for education, and for challenging evil and fighting for education; she deserved what had been done for her. But how many were given this kind of exposure who talked about the sorry plight of rights of Dalits or Sudras (lower caste of Hindus) who are even not given right to live in India—what about thousands of Iraqi children who were killed during or after 2003 Iraq invasion and were deprived from education, were they given this much attention? No not at all and from Iraq it will worth to mention a 14 year Iraqi girl Abeer Qassim al-Janabi raped by 5 U.S soldiers and killed along with her entire family on 12 March, 2006 near Mahmoudiya-Iraq. Was Abeer Qassim Al-Janabi was given importance as Malala—was the U.S was criticized as Talibans (Talibans who enacted under Talibanistic Exceptionalism as the U.S performed under American Exceptionalism) and the answer of these questions is BIG NO.

The world is an ironic place mostly run by opportunists, propagandists, dramatists, and blatant hypocrites where killer of thousands people is given Nobel Prize for peace—where a racist [2] [3] and torturist [4], who also willingly deprived his children from getting educated, was called Mahatma Gandhi—The greatest soul. And so far as the concern of Nobel Prize, it was a tool used by powerful entity/ies so to obtain their secret objectives. Killer of thousands of innocent civilians Obama, war criminal Henry Kissinger, and Killer of thousands of Palestinians Shimon Peres won Nobel Prize for peace, how ironic? In conclusion, as Al-Qaida and Talibans of Afghanistan never represented Muslims, similarly, Malala Yousufzai never represented Pakistani women and situation of women right and education since Malala ill-sketched the situation.

By: Shahid Mehmood Khan (elite_khan786@rocketmail.com)
Author is a writer based in Romania 


1: http://rt.com/shows/sophieco/world-bank-us-shutdown-820/
2: Gandhi’s views regarding Africans.
3: Gandhi as per Osho’s book “From Unconsciousness to Consciousness” detested his son for becoming Muslim.
4: Osho proved Gandhi as a torturist in his book “From Unconsciousness to Consciousness”.

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