Student is the composite composure of learning and the intellect based architect. Life has an serious obligations towards its students. It always conjectures the best simulation sometimes in failure and sometimes in success for its diligent students. We all have been through this mild but intensively remarkable period of life. But unconsciously, the student of this time has been jostled towards the hectic cold fire of mental anxiety, psychological depression and physical contraption blatantly. What we are finding today is that students of this age is loosing the charm of being student. Developing and under developing both economies are in the aching grips of this suicidal tendency. Suicide is the SECOND reason for the all over deaths in the world.  

Among this second reason, the big ratio is of the adult students. More than alarming this is pathetic to review this fact. Study which nourishes is eroding the students. Let’s for a moment comprehend the meaning of the learning first. The essence of learning is; LEARNING IS PROCESS WHICH RESULTS IN PRUDENT GALLANTRY FOR THE DARKER SIDES OF LIFE. Thus, learning itself is characterized to prepare students to tackle up the nepotistic junctures of life. Just by observing the facts, we perceive that learning of these times is not functioning at its fundamental discourse.

More than curiosity study is becoming a phobia and a burden for a student nowadays. Who is responsible for this, is the most mind alarming question regarding this matter. By all gleanings the answer resumes that; improper expectations and inefficient guidance are the core reasons for this horrendous situation. Improper expectations of our parents towards our students just daze the thinking and living capabilities of a student. Instead of being successful, parents want their children the icons of power and money.

They do this just to motivate the fake social standards of social circles. Improper guidance of our teaching faculties adds a fuel to this fire. Today our schools are not interested in seeking out the inclining interests and passions of the students. They have prepared some specific professional nomenclature to survive in the society. Due to these retardant principles, the students of our times are facing severe panic.

The way to tackle is that

  • Parents must train their children that life keeps the bitter taste of failure too. Where you will surpass somethings in the taste of success there would be the failure too. Here failure is not the wound but a training to improve the weaker points of oneself. This will create a positive and enthusiastic spirit in the students.

– To remove the professional burdens over students. Let them analyze the future aptitude at the will of their interest and passion.

– Teacher must be building factor. Our faculties must have a motivational sessions for students. They must describe the management skills to students. These skills must be regarding their courses.

– Immediately there must be psychological counseling lectures for the parents at the schools where their children are learning. As they can perceive the abstract state of their child in efficient way

Hence, by doing this our fallen students will rise again.

by: Shahbaz Ali