“The Ultimate Quotes” post all funny and humorous, motivating, love quotes and also damn Famous and interesting facts related to this world and your life.

1. Tell us about yourself, your schooling and college life?

About me am a shy and honest guy, I like to watch movies and have interest in becoming DJ, college life went in internship all I can say that.

2. What is The Ultimate Quotes?

It’s everything about quotes which just makes impact in your mind.

3. When you planned to start this page?

I used to read lot of quotes during my college days so thought of starting a page.

4. You started alone or somebody helped you?

I started it all alone.

5. What inspired or motivate you to start something like that ?

Actually no one, it was my thought to start a page.

6. Now you have more than millions fans on your page,  you still supervising your page alone or you have someone with you as admin?

Am alone managing it.


7. We went through your page its all about quotes, funny and meaningful too? You write all these quotes by yourself or you take from other pages or sources too ?

I don’t write them all its like mixture of both my writings and quotes from other sources.

8. Mostly organizations and Individuals too they pay to increase their fans on their pages, so you also paying if not then what is the secret that you have more than millions fans on your page?

I never paid, I don’t know how so many people get attracted to it but I think regular posting made it so famous.

9. How many of your fans know you personally ?

No I don’t know personally any one, but had conversation with quite a few.

10. Mostly your quotes we find or feeling that as you write for someone special too and in page profile information there is a line “ A boy with broken heart “ so who break your heart, there is any true story you want to share ?

I don’t write for some one, I write or post for all those million fans on the page. They are my inspiration to post.

11. You have millions of fans on your page, is there any financial advantage too to have millions followers on page ?

Yeah there is financial advantage but I have not yet leveraged it yet

12. Your parents or relatives or friends when the find out that you are behind this page who has now millions fans, what was their reaction ?

Only parents know, and they think it’s just a time pass nothing much and no relatives is aware of this thing.

13. You have your page on other social networking sites too or only on facebook and on other sites your page have the same  numbers of followers ?

I have account on twitter and google+ but am not active there.

14. Now you have your own blog and Android App too, so how is response there of your fans ?

The response of fans is  always fantastic for anything related to The Ultimate Quotes.

15. Where you want to take your page in future ?

Just want the page to be active and that’s a huge challenge due to personal life and professional life.

16. What you do in free time ?

Explore new music, listen to my fav DJs, Hangout with friends.

17. What you will give message to your fans and readers ?

Thank you so much for all your support and love

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