Ezz Raar Mahsud is the brain behind growing facebook page “Waziristan – The Lion’s Den ” recently we talked to him about his life and idea about creating the page..

1. Tell something about yourself, education and early schooling ?

My name is Ezz Raar Mahsud, Born in Makin, Waziristan. I did my secondary education from University Public School, Peshawar. I completed my higher education from Islamia College Peshawar, after passing intermediate I got admission in N.W.F.P Agricultural University, Peshawar (Present KPK Agricultural University), did BBA (Hons) from there.
After finishing BBA (Hons) degree, I moved to London for higher studies. I got MBA degree from Cardiff Metropolitan University in Oct 2012.

2.What is “Waziristan – The Lion’s Den”?

Waziristan – The Lion’s Den – Most of the page members don’t understand the meaning of the name but as you may know that Waziristan is a mountainous region in Federal Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) which is in southern part of Pakistan so the name is related to that place.
When I was creating the page, I thought of some unique name, so this name came into my mind. It means that Waziristan is a kind of Lion’s Den (Cave- where Lion Lives) for the outsiders in which 1st an outsider can’t enter but once they enter in the cave then it’s difficult for them to come out.
One needs courage and bravery to enter the home of a lion.

3. When you decided to start a page like this ?

It was in June 2012 that I decided to start such page in which I can bring and be in contact with my area’s people. At that time there were only 2 good pages related to our area but today there are more than 100 pages but still for me the 1st 2 pages are good as they also try to post stuff related to our area. I would be thankful if you mention there name as well, one is “ShYreen Waziristan” Whose admin is YaQoob Mahsud and the other one is “Welcome to the Beautiful Waziristan” managed by D.Mehsud.

4. You are managing this page alone or you have a team now ?

I am managing this page alone, I don’t have any team.

Waziristan   The Lion s Den
Waziristan The Lion s Den

5. What kind of content you upload on your page?

I try to upload stuff related to Waziristan, especially pictures of beautiful places of waziristan and most of my videos are related to attan (Waziristan Traditional Dance) and songs in local waziristani language. But sometimes I also upload other Pashto songs as many of my page members are not from Waziristan.

6. Living  in Waziristan its not easy to have a proper access to internet, then how you manage to do updates daily on your page ?

As I told you in message that I am living in London so it’s not difficult for me to manage the page and very easy to do daily updates and stay online all the time.

7. We are seeing lots of pictures of your area on your page too, you make these pictures by yourself or your fans also share pictures and videos and other content ?

Most of the pictures on page are from Waziristan and are shared by the fans or some of my friends email me these pictures and I upload them time to time.

8. How many of your fans know you personally?

Very few fans of mine know me personally; approximately 60-70 fans know me personally.

9. Social Media is a very powerful medium , how you see the social media in Pakistan ?

In a country where access to information is limited and youth is not encouraged to take part in the debates and discussions, social media is certainly providing a space to the youth of Pakistan to discuss, debate and highlight issues such as politics, the economy and religion.

ShYrEeN WaZiRiStAn
ShYrEeN WaZiRiStAn

10. Mostly teenagers and young people waste their time on social networks, what you will advice them that how they can use these social sites  for their study related activities ?

No doubt, social media is very powerful and influential but unfortunately youth is more inclined towards the misuse of social media. I have observed a lot of people who use social media for the sake of chatting, sharing pictures and writing statuses on their walls just to gain popularity. We are fortunate enough to be a part of a developed global era. We can mobilize the youth by utilizing their skills and talents to bring about a social, economic and educational change far and wide.

It is an age when the youth has a vast knowledge and awareness about the negative and positive aspects of advanced technology. The youth has a great responsibility to present, promote and project the true picture of deserted area like Waziristan.

11. You are using Facebook only  for your activities or you have visibility on other social networks too ?

Apart Facebook, I have also an account on twitter where I visit regularly and check updates especially from the journalists and other famous personalities.

12. In Pakistan news media is very vibrant and active, but there is a kind of division when it comes to Social media and main stream media, How you see this division ?

I am totally against Pakistani mainstream media, they are just doing business, They don’t care about common man. They are more concern about their business rather than the actual problems the society is faced with. There are speculations about some channels being funded by enemy countries to defame Pakistan by publishing false and propaganda news. On the other side there are many links on social media who brings truth in front of the world and many of which are controlled by common people like you and me.

13. In many countries government organizations keeps very close eyes on social media,  you ever feel that in Pakistan too Government agencies observing or spying the social media networks  or they should keep eyes on such plate forums?

I have never come across such a situation that Government or anybody else is spying or observing me. According to me, government should not interfere in people’s personal life until it’s very necessary.

14. What is your plan for your page, and where you want to take it in future ?

I want to make a deep and though survey of the people of my area, to explore their skills and talents. Through this page I want to portray the true picture of Waziristan. I want to bring to bitter realities to light and enlighten the life of a common tribesman. I want the world to get a close insight into the lives of the people of Waziristan. The world should come out of the presumptions and see the beauty beyond unseen obstacles.

There are hundreds and thousands of educated and talented young people whose talent is going waste as they cannot find suitable occupation. Likewise companies cannot access talented youth. There is a huge communication gap between the talented youth and appropriate opportunities provided by different companies. I want to bridge this gap through my page.

15. What you do in your free time ?

Being a native mountainous area, I am greatly interested in hiking and hunting. My activities include photography, social gatherings and making good traditional food.

16. Your message for your fans and readers ?

My message to my friends and readers is to spread happiness and smiles all around. As the great poet of Pakistan Allama Iqbal said in his poetry be that light which lighten the lives of other people. Elevate YOUR SELF so high that before planning your destiny God himself will ask you “What is your Will in Life”. Try to be the light that others follow not the dark pits of hades where others fall.

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/messages/WaziristanTheLionsDen