Nearly a third of expats working in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Oman are seeking to leave their adopted countries, local website reported on Wednesday citing a HSBC survey.

34% of expatriates in Saudi Arabia want to move out of the country, followed by Qatar (30%) and Oman (29%), the website reported citing HSBC’s Expat Explorer Survey.

According to the survey, many expats who head to the region retain a much stronger affiliation with their home country than expats in general.

“This suggests that many expats always intended to move to the region for a set period of time, potentially to take advantage of the higher income available, before moving elsewhere or back to their home country,” the survey added.

In spite of their desire to leave, 90% of expats in Oman expressed satisfaction with the economic prospects of the country, closely followed by Qatar (89%), Saudi Arabia (83%), UAE (77%) and Kuwait (68%)

All these ranked better than expats globally, of which only 59% were happy with the economic performance in their country of residence.

Roughly two-thirds of expats in Qatar (67%), Bahrain (66%), and Oman (65%) have reported higher disposable income after relocating to their current country, compared with only 52% of expats globally, the survey said.

The annual Expat Explorer survey is the largest global survey of expats and polled 5,339 expats from nearly 100 countries worldwide.

ref: yahoo maktoob