Every person we met or we get to know.
Even if you don’t see them.
Nor Hear them..
We are destined to know them get in touch with them with a very important reason.
They’re sent with a purpose.
With a reason..
Possibly with a mission.
And vice versa ..
When someone came to our life you knew and feel in an instant .
That this person will going to have a remarkable place an important role in our life.
You can feel the impact of his/her presence.
Whatever we do.
Wherever we are ..
That person was already connected in our routine.
Believe it or not when you get to have or if it’s time for you to know that person you can feel the reason why I am writing this....
They say our name was written in a Book of life..
And those person was neatly written around our name..
Either a lesson or a blessings we will meet them at the right time right place.
I heard that story from someone ..
And now I truly believed her words.
We don’t meet people by accident or coincedeince .
They are meant to cross our path for a reason with a mission.
It was naturally genuinely planned written prepared for a reason with a mission.
And as the saying goes…
“If It was said and written so it shall be DONE”



By: Neliva Vista