Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has said the kid who has taken down the Turkish flag, those who sent him to do that and those who tolerated to the incident will pay the price.

Speaking in a joint news conference with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in Ankara on Monday, Erdoğan said he would utter “the strongest word” for the flag incident, adding that “we don’t care if the perpetrator is a kid,” referring to a statement by the Turkish army who pointed to the age of the boy to justify why they didn’t interfere while he was taking down the flag.

The Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) issued a statement on Monday regarding the flag that was taken down at a military compound by a group of terrorist Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) sympathizers on Sunday evening in the Lice district of Diyarbakır province, saying that “since the person who took down the flag was under the age of 18, security forces refrained from interfering in the situation and instead fired a warning shot in the air.”

In its statement, the TSK said that it is careful to be restrained when faced with these kinds of provocative actions, however it added, “We condemn the attack harshly and we will find and punish the perpetrators.”

A pro-PKK group gathered on Saturday to bury a protest victim in the Bağlar district of Diyarbakır and held an unauthorized demonstration in front of the 2nd Tactical Air Force Command. One young man from the group entered the grounds of the military base and took down the Turkish flag.

Growing tension on the Diyarbakır-Bingöl Highway, which has been blocked since May 24 by members of the Patriotic Revolutionary Youth Movement (YDGH), a youth wing of the PKK, led to an armed clash with security forces late on Saturday.

Protesters fired at Turkish security forces from where the YDGH had gathered near the neighborhood of Fis Plain, close to the town of Lice in Diyarbakır province. Security forces returned fire and two protesters threw homemade explosives at them. Protesters Ramazan Baran, 26, and Baki Akdemir, 50, were shot and killed… see more

source: todayszaman