Egypt’s new president has ordered a crackdown on sex crimes after a video emerged of a woman being assaulted in Cairo’s Tahrir Square.

The blurry, two-minute clip, which was allegedly filmed during celebrations to mark Abdul Fattah al Sisi’s inauguration, shows a woman completely naked and bruised with hordes of men around as she is carried into a vehicle.

Dozens of women say they have been attacked in Tahrir Square in the past two years but this is the worst many people have seen.

It has been covered widely by Egyptian media, with one newspaper demanding the perpetrators be executed.

The video, which has been circulated on social media, prompted Mr Sisi to call for sexual harassment to be confronted immediately.

In one of his first public statements, he called it an “unacceptable form of conduct, alien to the best principles of Egyptian culture”.

It comes as a global summit to stop sexual violence in war zones, co-hosted by Angelina Jolie, continues in London.

On Tuesday, the actress told the summit: “We must send a message across the world that there’s no disgrace in being a survivor of sexual violence. The shame is on the aggressor.”

Part of the problem in Egypt has been an absence of laws protecting women against sexual harassment, allowing attackers to act with complete impunity.

A decree issued last week made it a criminal act for the first time, with offenders warned they could face up to five years in prison… see more

source: skynews