E-commerce is now the third most common subject of consumer complaints after services and electronics, taking the place of automobiles.

Ahead of the 14th GCC Consumer Protection Day, which opens today, with the theme of consumer-safe online shopping, UAE government authorities are urging retailers to follow the laws and consumers to lodge any complaints with the relevant consumer protection department.

“E-commerce is the vision of the future and it has to be done in the right way,” said Hashem Al Nuaimi, director of the UAE Ministry of Economy’s consumer protection department. “Anybody who does business online has to take approval from the economic department and legal government authorities.”

There were a total of 32,650 consumer complaints submitted to the department in 2018 and 96 per cent of those were resolved to the satisfaction of the complainants.

The top complaints were related to the services sector, accounting for 24.2 per cent, followed by electronics (17.2 per cent), e-commerce (13.7 per cent) and cars (8.2 per cent). E-commerce complaints increased from 6.1 per cent in 2017, replacing automobiles for the number three spot. .. see more

source: thenational.ae