When it comes to tourism, Dubai’s biggest drawing factor is that it’s got something for everyone, from the sun, the sand, the theme parks and the world-class infrastructure. It’s no wonder that the number of visitors flocking to Dubai for business and leisure is growing every year, boosting the emirate’s revenues.

But who among the world’s visitors are flashing their cash the most when they travel to Dubai, you ask? According to the latest MasterCard Global Destination Cities Index, which tracks the behavioral trends of international travelers from around the world, Londoners appear to be the top source of money for Dubai’s travel and tourism industry.

The study showed that 1,014,000 visitors from London are expected to rack up a total of $1.283 million in travel bills this year, the highest forecast expenditure for 2014. Dubai’s second biggest source of visitors will be Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, whose travelers to Dubai, estimated to be around 456,000, are forecast to shell out some $359 million.

Some 430,000 visitors from Kuwait will be spending $339,000, while those from Jeddah (423,000) and Paris (408,000) will spend $333,000 and $322,000, respectively.

source: gulfnews