Service to operate in sync with Metro and connect at Marina and JLT

Work on phase one of the Dubai Tram project is nearing completion with 11 trams ready to roll out in November. The trams have arrived in Dubai and technical and operational tests are being conducted on a daily basis.

Served by seven stations on a 10.6km stretch in phase one, Dubai Tram will have the world’s first tram stations with platform screen doors. “We have made safety of passengers our first priority so we decided to go with platform screen doors at all stations. We also chose on-ground power cabling system rather than going for overhead, which makes the Dubai Tram one of the safest in the world,” said a senior RTA official.

He also said that unlike in most cities with traditional tram networks the entire Dubai Tram corridor will be fenced and people should cross the tracks only from designated pedestrian crossings. Passing through at least 30 junctions, crossings and intersections, the trams will have right of way and RTA has issued guidelines for pedestrians, cyclists as well as motorists to follow while in the vicinity of Dubai Tram network. Violation of the guidelines may attract heavy fines.

The trams will work in sync with Dubai Metro, with the two networks connecting at two locations – Dubai Marina station and Jumeirah Lakes Towers station. The two networks will connect through footbridges at both the stations for a smooth and seamless interchange of passengers between the two systems. The tram will also link with the Palm Jumeirah Monorail… see more

source: yahoo news