Dubai: A new smart system, which monitors how often a company pays its employees deserved wages and benefits, is in the pipeline as part of a number of initiatives by the Orange Team, a group of four government departments.

“We’re currently working on implementing the system,” Lt Col Dr Sultan Abdul Hamid Al Jamal, director of the human trafficking monitoring department at Dubai Police, said. “The system will give us an idea to what extent a company is paying its workers their deserved wages and benefits, thus curbing any instances of exploitation and disputes at the workplace. It’s all about tackling the problem preemptively, before it happens.”

Lt Col Al Jamal, who is also the coordinator of the Orange Team, said the team is working on six initiatives to improve work conditions for labourers and create a healthy work environment. The wage-monitoring smart system is one of the initiatives, titled ‘Give the Employee his Wages’…. see more

source: gulfnews