DUBAI // The Red Line of Dubai’s Metro will extend 15 kilometres and add seven new stations from Nakheel Harbour and Tower Metro Station to the site of Expo 2020, it was announced on Saturday.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, prime minister of the UAE and ruler of Dubai, endorsed the Route 2020 project and directed that construction works commence immediately.

He said that the project must be completed on the fixed timeline to serve the needs of the expected demographic during the hosting of Expo 2020 Dubai, which will take place in the Middle East and North Africa for the first time.

The total length of the Dubai Metro lines (red and green) will increase to 90 km, and the total length of rail network in Dubai will be 101 km (90 km metro lines, 11 km tram lines). The extended sector stretches 15 km (11 km elevated and four km underground) and includes seven stations, five of which are elevated and two are underground.

“The construction of Route 2020 project conforms to the strategic vision of the Dubai Government for achieving sustainable development, and developing a world-class infrastructure and services,” said Mattar Al Tayer, chairman of the board and executive director of the Roads and Transport Authority. “It also comes as practical developing implementation of RTA’s Master Plan for providing multiple options of integrated mass transit means comprising the metro, tram, buses and water transport towards realizing RTA’s vision of Safe and Smooth Transport for All.”

He said that the Route 2020 project will provide safe and smooth mobility to visitors of Expo 2020 as well as residents of the area… see more