A woman with white wings and a halo has been spotted on the busiest streets of Russia’s Kaliningrad region with the theatrical mission of warning drivers against speeding.

Olga Maschenko, a freelance traffic police officer, has assumed the role of the guardian angel in order to remind drivers to watch their speed. Road policemen are also on guard nearby to help.

Russian drivers who’ve already encountered the brunette ‘angel’ have been responding to Olga’s appeal to slow down with a smile, Rossiyskaya Gazeta daily reported. Some daredevils even wanted to take Olga with them – only for her fellow police officers to come to the rescue.

Drivers shattering speed limits, many of them drunk, are to blame for a number of road accidents in Russia. Last month an unconventional ad banner was spotted over one of Moscow’s highways. “We are tired of warning you. Don’t f*****g drink & drive”, the slogan said.

Earlier this year Russian MPs suggested that drink-driving accidents causing deaths be made equal to terrorism. The proposal came after the arrest of a drunk Moscow driver who rammed a bus stop late at night, killing seven people, five of them orphans aged 15-17, and injuring three.


ref: www.rt.com