The age-old hair mantra of lather, rinse, repeat, may be on the out as more and more women are embracing ‘reverse washing’ – using conditioner before shampoo.

XOJane writer Alison Freer, who was given the advice by a reader, swears by washing her locks ‘backwards’, explaining that shampooing at the end leaves her hair with just enough moisture without weighing it down.

The technique is particularly effective for people with finer hair, says the costume designer from Austin, Texas, since it leaves your hair shiny and voluminous.

Miss Freer explains that one of her biggest hair problems is that she simply can’t go a day without washing it because her scalp is ‘greasy and terrible – yet my ends are dry as a bone’.

After testing out every hair trick in the world – including giving up shampoo altogether – the writer decided to try flipping her hair-washing routine.

She found that using conditioner first and leaving it in for a few minutes while cleaning the rest of her body helped to smooth out all the tangles.

Then she rinses out the conditioner and shampoos lightly. ‘I’ve been doing it for about a week now,’ she writes. ‘And my hair looks better than it has in almost forever.’

And she isn’t the first person to make this discovery. A blogger for No More Dirty Looks recommended the technique after she did it accidentally when she got her products mixed up in the shower.

‘It resulted in the best hair day I’ve had in months,’ she wrote, explaining that Aveda founder Horst Rechelbacher actually suggested the idea in the first place.

The businessman told the blog that the ideal way to wash your hair is to first put oils on your scalp, massaging it in and then combing it through.

Then he advises wetting your hair and putting conditioner in, washing your body with some as well. Then rinse out the conditioner and wash with shampoo.

‘If your hair is tangly, put a little oil on your hands and then comb it through – that’s it,’ he said. ‘You will feel very pure.’

According to, however, backwards hair-washing only works on certain hair types. If yours is thicker or more dry, the website says that conditioning post-shampoo is best.

Miss Freer also recommends filtering shower water with a product like the Aquasana filter for extra shiny hair, noting that she made this discovery after once washing hers with bottled water ‘on a whim’.

source: Dailymail UK