When buying an electric auto, you can be sure that fuel costs won’t bother you anymore. But, have you considered the fact that you may be letting another unexpected expense in? High auto insurance rates will slowly creep in. High value and repair costs are to be blamed for increased insurance rates. More specifically, you may end up paying over 30 percent more on auto insurance premiums for that Tesla.

Electric cars are the best choice for anyone who desires to help with conservation of the environment. These types of green cars will likely become increasingly popular in the next few years, bearing in mind that fuel prices will continue to increase. In fact, electric vehicles are not only going to get expensive, but their supply may diminish because of the expected high demand.

If you decide to go green with your car, motor insurance will still be a legal requirement, the same way it is with other ordinary vehicles. Fortunately, you can get excellent rates on your Tesla insurance. All you need to do is to access as many free insurance quotes as possible online to make an informed choice.

Will it be cheap to insure your Tesla?

One general rule is that electric vehicles are not as powerful as the gas guzzling equivalents. This immediately reduces the amount you might pay for insurance. You will note that certain insurance providers offer special discounts to electric car owners partly based on the vehicle’s engine power.

Some insurers will provide up to 5% discount off the premium when you insure an electric vehicle, while others will make donations to any environment charity of their choice on your behalf. Everything depends on the insurer, so it’s always advisable to shop around to ensure that you take advantage of the schemes and discounts aimed at encouraging the use of environmentally friendly cars.

No matter your demands, you can be sure that an insurance comparison tool will assist you to search for quotes and land yourself the best deals on the market. This will help you to save both your wallet and your environment.

Searching for cheaper insurance quotes

You may feel lost at first while searching for your electric car’s insurance. Generally, most insurers will charge 30 percent more to insure your Tesla than their gasoline counterparts in the same category. It, therefore, pays to compare car insurance quotes from several providers to improve your chances of getting an affordable coverage. You may also want to know if all insurance providers offer covers for Tesla cars since some may shy away from issuing such policies. Inquire if leasing the battery affects the cover and if the re-charging process has an effect in any way.

Since you own an electric car, understand that the covers for autos like yours are still evolving. As of now, you might have to rely on a specialist insurance provider for electric cars. However, this kind of insurance is becoming increasingly popular and will make more mainstream providers to provide such coverage.

Essential things to consider when purchasing car insurance for your Tesla

  • Leased batteries – when you lease a battery from a manufacturer, you need to inform the insurance company to ensure everything is covered for. You also need to read through all the documents offered while buying the vehicle to know the manufacturer’s stance and to clarify the responsibilities you have as the owner of the electric car.
  • Power cables – because electric cars are powered using a battery that needs to be recharged, a passerby could trip over that cable and sustain injuries, meaning there is a possible insurance claim. Be sure to speak to the insurer to know if this risk is covered.

Don’t assume that the cheapest quote you come across is automatically the ideal one for you. Scour your terms and conditions to ensure that the policy fits your needs. This will offer you the peace of mind knowing that you have the right policy.


by: Vincent Stokes