A new documentary partly bankrolled by the Doha Film Institute about construction workers in Dubai is set to hit UAE theaters at the end of this month.

The film, “Champ of the Camp,” debuted last year the Dubai International Film Festival to high marks.

It tells the story of several men who compete in a Bollywood singing and trivia competition for prizes, all the while providing insight into the lives of the hundreds of thousands of migrants working in the Gulf country.

It was expected to be screened in Doha at the Qumra Film Festival in March, but DFI announced this month that it was postponing that event until 2015, amid widespread layoffs. DFI did not respond to comments about the film.

If the debut goes well in the UAE, Veritas Films hopes to show it in Qatar next month, director Mahmoud Kaabour told Doha News.

Bringing down barriers
Like in Qatar, workers in UAE are often segregated from the rest of the population, and it is difficult to interact or have any sort of relationship with them, beyond charitable giving.

Additionally, current media reporting of workers lacks the voice of these men themselves, which leads laborers to be depicted as poor and needy, versus dignified and proud, Kaabour said… see more

source: dohanews