I was on my way back from work to home when I received a call from our developer and she informed that there is some issue in our website and Customers can’t place orders right now. I said okay let me get some food in my stomach as I only ate a boiled egg since morning. To my surprise I came to know that issue was not recent. It has been 24 hours since we haven’t receive any order or new registrations on the website. It’s the little details that are most important. Little things make big things happen.  

To many people this is just a simple incident of day to day work but to us this was a learning experience. As they say Life well lived is about learning, forgetting and re-learning. In today’s fast phase world we all are eager to learn new things but problem is that we forget to improve our daily routine work. We are working like robots in a factory. We work, work and work. We only think when things get messy. Like in our case we start noticing things were about to get out of hands.

    “If you don’t understand the details of your business you are going to fail. ~Jeff Bezos”

I will not blame any single person in our team. It was a universal mistake. Anyone in our team should have rectified the bug and informed the developer but since we all were busy in making big things happen that we forgot to note the details. As Perry Paxton says “Excellence is in the details. Give attention to the details and excellence will come.”

I remember my friend ordered an iPod from Apple. You know that no matter how hard you try to wrap something there is still some space left. But not with Apple. It was perfectly wrapped with no space for air. This is why there is only one Apple. Apple understood power of details and successfully  embracing  it.

It’s great to set big goals but without proper details nothing will gonna work. So from now onwards we will first work on the details and I suggest you guys too to work on the details. Start with a plan, start small and work towards your goal. Best of luck!!!


By: Yousuf Rafi

Yousuf Raif is a blogger and IT expert based in Pakistan
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