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18 Jul. 13

On June 4th 2013 FAO (the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations) released the annual SOFA report about the state of food and agriculture. has now further analysed that data, combining it with other national factors, including GDP and happiness. Doing so has uncovered a number of interesting, non-obvious, connections.


To make results easier to read and more accessible created an interactive map, which allows the viewer to skip through different countries, checking their Gross Domestic Profit (World Bank), Happy Planet Index (New Economics Foundation) and obesity rates (FAO).


According to the data, for the first time this year the number of people affected by obesity was larger than the number of people affected by undernourishment.  Many have postured that this is due to factors such as increased urbanisation, busier lifestyles and reduction in poverty. The combined data, produced by, disproves this. For the first time it’s possible to see that the connection between GDP, happiness and obesity previously claimed is, in fact, a myth. Rather, ‘soft’ factors, such as the nations eating culture are more consistently a factor.


In addition to the typical factors linked with obesity, the interactive map also includes figures about the calorific content of each country’s national dish – with fat and protein also included. It found that Kuwait has the least healthy national dish; Machboos (a chicken and rice based dish) is a whopping 1419 calories per portion. Unsurprisingly, it’s also one of the most obese nations in the world – featuring at number 8 on the obese list.


A (stereo) typical example takes in consideration pizza with its (1720 calories) and Italians. Although pizza is the fattest of the national dishes, the obesity rate among Italians stay as low as 17% compared to 24.9% in the United Kingdom, 31.8% in the USA and an incredible 71% in Narau.


“A healthy lifestyle increases energy levels, life expectancy and helps you look great. It’s disappointing to see so many countries that were previously healthy becoming increasingly obese. The key to a healthy lifestyle is simple; eating nutritious food in sensible portions, regular exercise and maintaining a ‘can-do’ attitude.” said Matt Morgan, MD of .


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Data was compiled from the following sources:

–          Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

–          World Bank

–          New Economics


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