KABUL: Participants of the Young Leaders Conference 2012 lambasted the political analysts who usually presage a grim future for the post-2014 Afghanistan, and publishing rumors about the sheer fall of the Afghan economy and security. The participants blamed that some of the international media outlets and Afghan commentariat have unleashed hysteria of despondency about the future-Afghanistan especially when the international security troops will exit while leaving full security responsibilities to Afghan security forces.
Lailuma Ahmadi, a Senator, strongly criticized the political affairs experts for publishing unfounded reports, and spreading rumors about Afghan economy and security after 2014. She said that some opportunists for their own profits were spreading baseless rumors through TV channels. She said that such reports and opinions don’t serve any purpose but create uncertainties and an air of dejection. “Some fair weathered birds are sitting in TV channels and singing a dirge songs for the economy of the country and the fate of the nation but they are doing it just for earning fame and money while misleading this war-weary nation which is why media-struck people have lost their trust in the future of the country, while some others are being dogged by the thought how to protect their capitals and properties,” she said.
Sayed Maseeh Rezazadah, the President of AIESEC, and organizer of the Young Leaders Conference said that rumors and misconceptions have let loosed some repercussions over the fledgling but potential economy and security progresses in the country. He said that AIESEC-Afghanistan is working in an effective way how to improve the leadership skills of the students, and recently graduated students in order to bolster up their confidence in their future and to prepare them to be agents for change and development. He added that Afghan youth have more crucial role to drive the country toward prosperity and stability.
He said that youth is the leader of tomorrow; therefore the AIESEC has been working over the leadership capability of the new generation.
Sameer Rawan, one of the participants of the conference and a university student told Afghanistan Times they no worries about the future-Afghanistan. He opined the country is going well as they believed that their security troops will be able to fully maintain the security. He rejected plummet for economy because as the international community has already promised liberal donations to Afghanistan and if the money come has been used effectively there is no economic fall. He said there a few lapses such as providing high level trainings and heavy weapons to Afghan troops have yet not been given and the need is the international community should fulfill their promises. Rawan is confident about the future and hoped that Afghanistan will be able to stand on it is own feet up to 2024, when the international community will significantly decrease donations.
Shafiqa, another student of the Kabul University, also criticized those, who mislead the nation through their unripe political visions. She said the country is going in a smooth direction, and asked the government to overcome such rumors. She added the current generation is well capable to give this country a secure future but the need is the international community should abide by their promises.
The three day long conference was launched by AIESEC-Afghanistan, to promote the leadership skills among the young generation of the country and to promote their awareness about the economic, social, political, and security issues in the country. Sayed Maseeh Reza Zadeh, the President of AIESEC, said the conference was open for all youths to participate in and take advantage of their trainings. AIESEC is the world’s largest student-run organization that was established in 1948 in Europe. AIESEC offers students and recent graduates the opportunity to become global citizens, change the world and gain skills and experiences that matter today. He added the conference was launched to discover and develop youth’s leadership potentials in order to have a positive impact on the future of the country, for a well-educated, well-disciplined and far-seer youth can guarantee a prosperous Afghanistan.