The day dawned with peaceful protests in front of the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo. I say peaceful – protesters dance and sing as if they are  celebrating the Croatian accession to the European Union. I will not comment on what the deceased Krleža would have said about  this cruel act,  but I have to comment on what is happening in Sarajevo. Thus, the absolute disharmony of the disharmony and a general hypnosis of citizens who hypnotize themselves in order to change something, but do not know what. If the adoption of the Law on Personal Identification Number is our  passport for our well-being, then we can immediately sign a capitulation. Citizens of Bosnian and Herzegovina even with the registration number are dying, dying in hospitals with poor conditions, expensive drugs, diseases that were treatable if detected in time. But of course the  sentry commentators are right – the life of a child is in question.

Printed banners with vulgar content, as a characteristic of an illiterate society, have been reduced to a competition for the wittiest  slogan, the opportunity to promote  albums of various bands, the opportunity for anonymous like Štukan and Brkan to get  their 5 minutes, a better profile on Facebook and reviving  dead Yugoslavian  ideology…This has nothing to do with the fight  for basic human rights, classic sarajevo`s folk- are comments  on BiH portals stationed in Sarajevo.

Also, I would not comment on that particular Sarajevo / BiH portals transmitted protests in their  own country by  the Croatian portals. Viva La activism and revolution- a slogan that pops up when ever you visit any of these portals, where  their editorial policy is reflected. Portals are less important because the media this year do not play an important role as back then  in the nineties, when every handful of people,  gathered around some fascist ideas were revolutionary in character.

Under the magnifying glass above the Parliamentary Assembly see men in red pants, pink shirts, and purple Stark that cast of colorful balloons in the air, the police sketched hall in uniform to be smiling, retired people  socializing  and retelling  the National Liberation – proud because they were part of it all, Muslims with golden spoons  making fun of Alija Izetbegovic, Mostar people who are speaking  about union and non divisions … Bosnian pot in the center of modern Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is heated by  Milorad Dodik from  ”his” palace in Banja Luka urging member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bakir Izetbegovic, for  ”peaceful dissolution”. Joint forces have joined the representatives of the Association of Parents of children killed in Sarajevo, workers of the National Museum, the miners from Breza, war veterans of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Army of RS and the HVO, demobilized fighters … and what these protests makes more cheerful and colorful is farmers standing shoulder to shoulder  with activists of the political party from which agriculture minister comes from.  So one universal social hypnosis pathological characteristics with suicidal tendencies.

I laugh  reading a comment on the blog that after Brazil, Egypt, Greece, Turkey, France … comes demonstrations in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Why with  this analogy economic prosperity of the same countries have never reached to Bosnia and Herzegovina? It’s funny also,  that these protests are directed against representatives from the Republic of Serbia  because syndrome of society  who spent years under siege is now in the twilight of it`s metastases and psychological state does not allow  returning to the same torture.

Maybe Aleksandra Pandurevic, the representative of SDS in the House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina, that said: “At this point, through the window, I see one sign   “Shoulder to shoulder against fascism”. So, with that everything is said. That these protests are primarily pressure on delegates from the Republic of Serbia- sees these protests as a direct attack on her … but they are really not. Perhaps these peaceful protests, since it will not result with any “gain”  after one parading, characterizes  famous saying: Bread and Circuses (Panem et circenses)!

By Safer Grbi?

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