Egyptian popular music singer Shaaban Abdel Rahim received death threats after the release of his song in which he mocks and condemns the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militant group, the Arabic website for the Al Arabiya News Channel reported.

ISIS supporters attacked Abdel Rahim on several social media platforms, Al Arabiya.Net reported, adding that they issued several fatwas, or edicts, decreeing his death.

To which Abdel Rahim responded: “I will leave it to God.”

The veteran artist received a phone call Tuesday morning from a man who spoke in a “Levantine accent,” he told Al Arabiya.Net.

After questioning Abdel Rahim about his song, the man warned the singer he could be “assassinated” for mocking the militant group and its self-proclaimed emir, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

In his song, the singer addresses Baghdadi as a bored “Emir of criminals” and describes ISIS militants a “bunch of crazies.”

In response to the threat, Abdel Rahim said he “only fears God, and not Daesh [the Arabic acronym for ISIS] and I have done what satisfies my conscience.”

“I faced Daesh with my word and song while they face their adversaries with decapitation and blood.”

Abdel Rahim, a pioneer in the Sha’abi, or popular, genre of music is famous for his politically fueled lyrics.

“What caliphate are you talking about? All you say is fantasy, so who sent you, say!” he said in the song.

He also accused the group of “profiling” people, adding that religion is “innocent of” Baghdadi “and his likes.”