“At last the deadlock is over. Afghan Presidential Palace and international community intervention saved the country from sliding into political turmoil”
AT News Report
KABUL: Afghanistan, being faced with an uncertain situation because of the political impasse ignited by runoff election rigging allegation, is once again back on track as the US Secretary of State John Kerry, President Hamid Karzai, UNAMA head Jan Kubis succeeded in nailing down the two presidential candidates—Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah on an agreement of 100 percent ballot audit.
President Hamid Karzai hailed the efforts of the US Secretary of State John Kerry, and UN Secretary General’s Special Representative Jan Kubis in overcoming the electoral deadlock.
He said John Kerry and the two presidential candidates Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai and Abdullah Abdullah were in touch with him in the negotiation process.
Hamid Karzai said they had discussed possible ways of breaking the electoral impasse.
“The two candidates in a joint press conference with John Kerry and Jan Kubis made certain good remarks. I support their remarks and hope that a thorough audit of the ballots under international supervision would be conducted at the earliest to pick up fair votes of the Afghan nation,” Karzai said. He added that both the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) and Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC) will accede to the demands of the two candidates and start this process promptly in presence of international monitors and other stakeholders.
President Karzai said the people of Afghanistan patiently and excitedly are waiting for their next president and the new government because businesses have slumped and government jobs have diminished.
“The audit of 100 percent ballots will be initiated immediately so that we could make all preparation for oath taking ceremony of the new president which is scheduled on August 02. “I stress the electoral commissions again to cooperate with the candidates to embark on this crucial process as soon as possible. The people of this country now want a powerful government and a president. Currently Afghans are standing as one united nation,” he said.
The president added that Afghans prefer democracy as they voted in favor of their favorite candidates while daring militant threats.
In this joint press conference, the US Secretary of State John Kerry said that during the past two days he was busy in a flurry of meetings with the two presidential candidates, along with UNAMA head and finally they succeeded in breaking the deadlock.
He said the people and the government of the United States believe in the people of Afghanistan. “Yesterday, I met with the two candidates in the UNAMA headquarters and both of the candidates talked about their perspectives regarding Afghanistan and unity of the Afghan nation. “I appreciate the role played by President Karzai in the negotiation process because he gave opportunity to the two candidates to shed their differences and overcome the impasse,” Kerry said.
“In the process we faced many daunting challenges, but our main concern was how to strengthen democracy in Afghanistan, and finally we are at it,” the US Secretary of State added.
UN Secretary General’s Special Representative Jan Kubis said they needed to find a way out of this lingering impasse, but they still need leadership. “Tonight is a turning point for the whole electoral landscape, the candidates, and their passionate supporters,” he said.
He hoped that the people of Afghanistan would get what they deserve.