Tom Cruise has made it his personal mission to make any thrilling action scene look possible, by doing it all himself.

And in the fifth installment of Mission: Impossible, the 52-year-old actor wasn’t going to let someone else step in when he went 5,000ft above the British countryside for his latest incredible movie stunt. The Hollywood actor surpassed himself when he put himself in grave danger, hanging from the side of an Airbus A400M in a full tailored suit in character as Ethan Hunt, while the aircraft flew over the UK.

Tom, who’s scaled the world’s tallest building and free climbed Colorado’s 2,000ft canyons for the Mission Impossible movie franchise, was once again going solo on the death-defying stunt.

The action lover put his life on the line as he took to the skies; using just the side of the aircraft to help maintain his horizontal positioning while the plane glided over the British landscape. He was hanging from the door of the aircraft on two safety harnesses but used the fixtures on the four engine military vehicle to grip with both hands… see more

source: dailymail UK