When you first get out on the car lot, you are undoubtedly going to be a little green. Sales does not come naturally to everyone. In fact, you will have to work at it to hone your skills as a salesperson. Along the way, it is hoped that you will learn a few essential skills of how to properly engage the customer and build a solid reputation for yourself in the process. In sales, your reputation is the key to your success. If people trust you, they will be far more willing to buy from you and send you countless leads. If they do not trust you, you stand to lose far more than the initial sale. The following are a few tips to train you to be the car salesperson who rises to the top with your integrity intact.

Where to Begin

It is important to know that not all introductory sales training experiences are created equal. Some dealerships take sales training far more seriously than others. Working with a dealership that provides you with a comprehensive training manual and has you work extensively with a training manager is key to getting adequate training for a sales position in the car industry. You would not want to attempt to engage customers and have no idea what the MSRP definition happens to be, for example. Yet, some dealerships push new sales people at customers with little to no sales training at all. Be sure that you start your career in car sales with a dealership that provides the training and support you need to approach car sales the right way.

Changing Perceptions

When someone walks on to your car lot, chances are they have a few preconceptions in mind. They may have been burned in the past at another dealership. They might have heard stories of bad things that happened to others. It is your job not to fall into these molds, because you want to demonstrate to the potential buyer that you are not just out to make a quick buck at the customer’s expense. This will not only go a long way towards easing the customer’s mind, but it can also change their perception of car sales reps in general for the better. If the customer has a good experience buying a car from you, they will remember you and may even tell their friends to come and see you to buy a car also; thus, making your job easier.

Let Them Talk While You Listen

When it comes to dealing with customers, it really boils down to allowing the customer to speak their mind and for you to listen carefully. While a lot of sales reps will keep talking and leading customers, this will inevitably drive the conversation to places the customer is not really interested in going. The customer will tell you why they are coming to see you and what they want, if you just give them the chance to inform you. Trying to sell them something they do not want to buy, because you failed to listen to what the customer is really saying, will often end up wasting everyone’s time. To make the sale and, more importantly, to create a satisfied customer, try to match your customer with the type of car they state they are interested in buying. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes. If you came looking for a specific car with specific options, and the sales rep is trying to interest you in everything but what you came looking for, would not that signal to you that your sales rep is not listening to a word you are saying? This is a huge reason why customers walk away mad, rather than satisfied and glad.


Car sales is a skill like any other. The key to becoming a good sales rep in the car industry is to be a professional at listening to what the customer is saying they want. From there, your job is to simply satisfy the stated need in a way that makes your customer happy. There is really no need to complicate this process with trickery or distractions that only serve to give you and other car sales reps a bad name.


Author Bio:  Jeremy is a tech and business writer from Simi Valley, CA. He’s worked for Adobe, Google, and himself. He lives for success stories, and hopes to be one someday.