Motivated employees are likely to do a better job. Employees who feel happy and appreciated are also employees who are more likely to stay with a company long term. Retaining employees means reduced employee turnover and decreases labor costs. One of the ways to keep employees pleased on the job is with attention to ways to up employee morale. Today’s employers can turn any workplace into a fun and inviting area by paying close attention to the change of seasons and holiday celebrations that accompany them. Many people love watching as winter melts into spring and then fall takes over. The chance to celebrate all sorts of holidays also helps create an atmosphere that lends itself to teamwork and a shared sense of vision and family. Employees who are given the understanding that they matter and the employer understands that they have a life outside of work feel part of a larger community.

Creating a Plan  

When deciding to celebrate the seasons and holidays at work, it’s good to begin by settling on an advance plan. Any decorating plan should include all areas that are going to be decorated. This includes areas both inside the office and any other places such as all exterior grounds and any ground level entrances. An office manager might want to consult with others in the building if they share the building. An overall plan can address common areas and create a festive and unified feel throughout the entire area from the lobby to passages between office spaces. A plan should also account for each employee’s likes and dislikes. Speak closely with each employee when decorating any office. Let them have a say in how the office is decorated. Many employees know a lot about decorating spaces for the holidays because they decorate their own homes.

Details Large and Small 

Little details make any space come alive with color and holiday cheer. Think about large details that make a statement. For example, 12 foot Christmas trees immediately attract attention and keep it. Think about a theme for each tree. One tree might have ornaments that show off a charity that the office supports like Toys for Tots that employees help. Another tree might be decorated in colors that call to mind the office’s logo and the products they sell. Outdoor greenery can be also decorated with a series of lights. Other little details also create a fun place to work. Wrap a staircase with a large ribbon in a bright color. Top the end of it with a bright bow. Each member of the workforce can also decorate their own office to their individual taste. They might put up personal pictures, bring in plants in varied colors and put up a fabric board with a collage of their favorite holiday items. This helps make all areas of the office feel like a community where everyone is valued and every person knows they have something to contribute.

Welcoming Clients 

Holiday decorations also have another benefit. They welcome existing clients and any new clients visiting the office for the first time. Clients who step inside an office that speaks of the holidays immediately feel gently welcomed. A festive office is an office that has a personality and a true sense of warmth. Consider ways to share the holidays with clients directly and show them the holiday spirit. A bowl of holiday candy made by hand by caring employees provides a special touch that immediately indicates says this is an office full of dedicated professionals who still know how to have seasonal fun. Potential employees there for a job interview also feel welcomed and may feel highly motivated to join the company’s staff.

Decorating an office for the holidays is an easy way to make the holidays even more special for all workers, existing clients and promote employee morale at the same time.


by: Dennis Hung