Dubai’s longest-serving death row prisoner, Paul George Nadar, will be back in India and in the arms of the wife he has seen only once in 27 years by Monday.

Nadar, 65, has been in Dubai Central Jail since 1985, following the horrific killings of two Pakistani mothers and their seven children.

Nadar confessed to killing the two families by torching the ramshackle plywood shack they lived in. However, he has claimed that he was forced into making that confession.

Nadar has appealed his death sentence annually, every October. In 1996, the extended family of the nine victims who were killed in the blaze handed Nadar a letter of forgiveness in exchange for Dhs65,000, blood money.

At this year’s appeal, on October 14, prosecutors told him they would speak to the Ruler of Dubai, HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, on behalf of Nadar after being informed that Nadar’s health was rapidly declining following two heart operations.

Nadar’s son, Subha, who was just three when his father was arrested, said: “When he was told he would be released, he was so, so, happy.

“I got a message to my mother and she’s exactly the same.” Just before his latest appeal, Nadar told 7DAYS: “I am living in hell. What is the use of living a life like this with frustration and seeing my family suffer?

“I might as well be given a death sentence instead of living here like a vegetable not knowing whether I will be released and for how long I will be in jail.”

He had vowed to go on hunger strike if his latest appeal had not been successful.