Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. are taking different routes toward attaining optimum fighting form for their gigantic showdown on May 2 in Las Vegas.

Mayweather swims laps in the pool, Pacquiao does laps at the track oval.

Pacquiao jogs in the early morning, Mayweather runs late at night.

Pacquiao hammers medicine balls, Mayweather chops wood.

Mayweather follows no strict schedule, Pacquiao adheres to regular workouts.

These are what conditioning coaches Justin Fortune for Pacquiao and Alex Ariza for Mayweather charted in the course of their preparations for the Fight of the Century at MGM Grand Garden Arena.

Even their relaxation time, after rigorous training or sparring, is in sharp contrast.

Mayweather listens to hip-hop music, Pacquiao reads the Bible.

Despite the deviations in training and recovery methods, however, both are expected to be in peak form on fight night.

After all, they’ve been successful with these systems throughout their long, illustrious careers.

The unbeaten Mayweather is acclaimed as pound-for-pound king, and the revitalized Pacquiao as Fighter of the Decade.

Nobody else comes close.

That’s why their battle for the unified welterweight crown stands to be the biggest, the richest and the grandest ever.

Mayweather, the world’s highest-earning athlete in 2014 according to Forbes, stands to earn between $120 and $180 million; Pacquiao, ranked No. 11, between $80 and $120 million.

source: inquirer