It could be said that those who achieve high levels of success are simply more intelligent, or maybe more ambitious, or maybe more persistent, or possibly just luckier than the people in the second group. These are of course all key factors that certainly can help people achieve their goals. However, there is just one ingredient that goes into success that is more important than anything else. And that ingredient comes in the form of consistency.

To be consistent means to fully dedicate yourself completely to a task, activity or goal. It means to fully stay engaged without distraction.To be consistent requires a commitment on your part. It requires that you commit yourself to a sustained effort of action over the long-term. What this essentially means is that you keep your word to yourself and others that you will follow through with what you set out to do consistently over a period of time up until the moment your objectives are achieved. As such, consistency is all about your ability to be dependable, reliable and responsible for all your choices, decisions and actions.

Consistency is about building small empowering habits and rituals that you partake in every single day that keep you focused on your highest priorities and goals. It therefore essentially comes down to your ability to hold yourself accountable for the daily choices you make with no excuses and no complaints. You and you alone are accountable for what you do and what you fail to do. All responsibility lies solely in your hands.

To be consistent means to focus on the present moment while maintaining a long-term view that helps you measure your results and the impact of your daily actions. With this regular feedback in your hands, you are better able to learn from your failures and mistakes to help you effectively alter your course of action where required.Consistency is therefore all about repetition. It’s about repeating the same actions (habits and rituals) over and over again; gaining feedback from these actions and adjusting them accordingly to help you stay on track as you work towards your goal. And that, in essence, is the difference between success and failure in any field of endeavor and the key to high levels of achievement.

The problem is that many people live with a short-term view of their world. They rarely see past the moment. They just can’t quite comprehend how the actions they take today and the consistent actions they take over time will impact them years down the track. Or maybe they do understand, but unfortunately just don’t have the necessary willpower to hold themselves back. This is after all how addictions are born, and habits are very much like addictions. They are things that we just can’t help but indulge in over an extended period of time. We might, of course, feel as though we can quit at any time and turn our lives around, but in reality, we are only deluding ourselves.

Goal setting works because you work on it. It will never work for you if you are not willing to do the work and take action.Remember, you must have a strong intention, think about your goals and work on them consistently to achieve them.


by: Ammara Siddique