Spain’s Princess Cristina will stand trial on charges of tax fraud but accusations of money laundering against her have been dropped, judges in Majorca announced on Friday, although she could still avoid being the first royal to face court.

Three judges from a court in Palma de Mallorca in Spain’s Balearic Islands took the decision on Friday after the princess pleaded not guilty to all accusations on July 2nd.

Cristina will now have to appear in court on two counts of tax fraud.

However, there is still a chance she will avoid trial if judges apply a discretionary power that allows for people who have not been accused by a public prosecutor to have charges against them dropped.

The case against Cristina has been brought by right-wing, anti-corruption group Manos Limpias.

According to the daily El Mundo, King Felipe VI, Cristina’s younger brother, was expecting that the princess would renounce her right to succession if the charges against her were maintained.

Princess Cristina de Bourbon is currently sixth in line to the Spanish throne. Urdangarin, still facing charges, and Cristina have been excluded from royal activities since 2011.

The prosecutor in the case, Pedro Horrach, has consistently opposed the bringing of criminal charges against Princess Cristina… see more

source: thelocal