For decades the city of Peshawar has faced the threat of militants, due to its status as a front line for the ongoing war on terror as well as its proximity to the restless tribal areas and the Pak-Afghan border.

However the people of Peshawar have remained undeterred by the onslaught of terrorist attacks and continue to live their lives. Though three attacks within the past two weeks have shaken the city, the residents of Peshawar have emerged from their time of mourning and begun to carry on with their daily lives.

Wednesday night’s fashion show conducted by model and actress Mishi Khan, at a private entrepreneur’s Gazzal, attracted a large number of models and designers from Islamabad and Lahore. Though militants have always issued strict warnings pertaining to dress codes for women in the KPK and FATA, the works of the country’s top designers which were displayed at the event clearly showed that the city’s residents wish to embrace modern fashion. Designer wear retailers have begun to appear across the city’s more posh districts, sending a positive message to investors, despite the prevalent danger.

It isn’t true that only the terror rules in Peshawar, life is full to colours here as it is in the rest of the world.