President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono requires full attention from his audiences, regardless their position or age. After a regional leader dozed off during one of his speeches in 2008, similar incident occurred on Wednesday.

The president paused in the middle of his address after spotting two children “taking a nap” during his speech to mark National Children’s day at the Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) amusement park in East Jakarta.

In front of about 700 participants, who were mostly children, Yudhoyono told audience to wake the sleeping kids, reported.

“Please wake the ones who have fallen asleep, maybe one or two people there,” the President said during the event, organized under the theme “Unite to Create a Child-friendly Indonesia”.

After making sure that all eyes were on him, Yudhoyono resumed his speech with a promise that government would increase the quality of education and health services for children.

“The government will provide wider room for innovative programs that can raise our children’s intelligence, fitness and prosperity,” he added.

In 2008, the President also roused a regional official, who had apparently dozed off during a leadership workshop at the National Resilience Institute (Lemhannas).

“How could a leader fall asleep while I am talking about how to develop our nation? You should be ashamed of the people who have elected you their leader,” he said at the time.

Yudhoyono went so far as to ask the Institute not to pass the official for failing to live up to his leadership standards, which included the ability to withstand sleepiness.