If you are looking for a career change or beginning college and wanting to know what to study, it can be overwhelming. However, there are a few careers that are going to put you in a great position to succeed. These careers have a need everywhere and are always in high demand. Your market value will be such that you can afford to take your pick of positions and have peace of mind that your bills will be paid and your dreams achieved when you go into one of the following vocations:


If you want to get a great paying career, look no further than being a dentist. You can enjoy an average salary of over $150,000 per year. Instead of worrying about paying your bills, you’ll be thinking about what vacation you want to take your family on. And if you choose to have availability at nights and weekends, and becoming an emergency dentist, you can expect even better financial returns. If you’re someone who is squeamish at the thought of looking into peoples’ mouths all day and pulling teeth, then it might not be for you. But if you can stomach that and love the thought of a high paycheck in one of the most in-demand careers on the planet, it could be a dream come true.

Sales People

This is an economic planet. Money makes the world go round, and therefore someone needs to keep that money moving. That is exactly what salespeople do. They create entire economies by encouraging consumers to buy new and better products and solutions that fit their needs. Not only are salesman helping their customers by connecting them with quality solutions, they are also helping themselves.

There are countless salesman making over $100,000 a year, and even more than $250,000 a year in some industries. Because every business needs someone to help them keep the revenue coming in (or they would be out of business fast) you can have confidence that you will have the ultimate job security, assuming you are good at what you do.


While salespeople are on the ground floor doing the persuading, they need their partners in the marketing department to prepare the customer to be sold. Over $591 billion was spent worldwide on marketing and advertising in 2017 alone. That’s proof that there is value in being a marketer.

Everything from creating sales funnels, to social media, to billboards, to fancy ads is possible for someone who becomes a marketer. By understanding how to create compelling campaigns that convert customers and fill up the pipelines for the sales team, you are going to be an invaluable part of whatever organization your work for.


Not too long ago, television ruled the world. And just like tv killed the radio star, the internet killed tv. Now, technology, especially digital varieties like apps and the internet, are dominating every aspect of society. If you want to go into a career that has high demand, low supply, great benefits, flexibility, and job security (not to mention pay), programming is showing no signs of going away anytime soon. From a cushy job in Silicon Valley to working remotely from home, you will have your pick of employers and work spaces, among other advantages.

PR Specialists

If the recent events in Hollywood and Washington are any indication, scandals are becoming increasingly common and more difficult to hush up. While this is a good thing for the victims of the scandals, it is a bad thing for honest companies whose competitors may try to sabotage them ore make false claims to ruin their reputations. If you are a PR specialist, you become a secret weapon for powerful companies and people who want to put their best foot forward.

Choosing a career path can be hard, but luckily if you have the right information and apply it that doesn’t have to be the case. You can choose an in demand job that gives a great paycheck and fulfillment. So don’t suffer living less than you deserve to. Consider one of the above careers and what it could do for your goals.

by: Sia Hasan