The life blood of any business is sales. Without a crack marketing team that is on top of its game driving your sales each quarter, your business is likely to flop fast. Customers and clients depend on your marketing team to inform them not only that you sell products and services, but they depend on being informed on everything relevant to the purchasing of these items as well. For this reason, your marketing team must be able to strike out with a decisive plan of action: one that takes charge of every opportunity to make the consumer realize what they are missing out on by not spending cold hard cash on your company’s products and services. To build this crack team of marketers, you must have a clear path to what is essential to a marketing team’s ability to deliver consistent results time and time again. The following are a few tips that will help to clarify this in detail.

Divide and Conquer

It is essential to build in the right kind of controls into any process to ensure progress. Your marketing team needs the kind of focus that helps to divide and conquer any problem they may face along the way. This means goals must be clearly defined, attainable and broken down into chunks where progress is recognizable. Failure to break things down properly leads to team members getting lost in the minutia because the proper controls on the process are not in place. This can waste time, resources and ultimately kills productivity as the sheer scope of unattainable goals causes the members of your team to drift into the rut of details they simply are unable to overcome or tie into the main goal. Until a plan of action identifies how each goal will be met in detail, your team will not have a path marked with the certainty of success to guide their way.

Facilitate the Right Communication and Collaboration

Communication is a key to any team operating like a well oiled machine. It is often not necessary to call the whole team into the conference room every time an issue arises. Taking the time to isolate the specific team members that have a stake in specific issues will help things along by not disrupting the wrong team members, and it will improve problem solving by getting only the people who need to be involved to communicate to achieve a common goal.

Does Your Team Get Along

When it comes to building a marketing team that is highly efficient in its productivity, the ability of your team members to get along is an essential component to this process. It may be necessary to work on team-related activities that helps your marketing team come together with a stronger cohesive bond. As your team learns how to be more internally agreeable, this will significantly reduce the drama that leads to any number of distractions that destroys efficiency in your marketing team’s ability to function when opportunity strikes. To focus your team even more, introducing an Employee Recognition Program can help to encourage many team members to have a personal incentive for operating more efficiently too.

For your marketing team to function at top efficiency, the right controls must be in place to govern the procedures your team operates in accordance with for ensuring success. If you do not take the time to identify a process by which to get these controls into place, your team will lack the structure to function well together. Facilitating communication that maintains cohesive bonds among your team members, without distracting them from their work unnecessarily in the process, is the other side of developing a crack team of marketing professionals that can seize on any opportunity through which to advance your products and services to consumers.


by: Mark Palmer